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One Arrested, Additional Charges Pending In Connection With Rural Poland Shooting

October 30 Shooting Took Place On Rural E. Private Road 375N
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One suspect has been taken into custody in connection with an altercation that led to shots being fired at a vehicle in rural Clay County on Sunday, October 30 and a Whiteland, Indiana man being airlifted to an Indianapolis medical facility for treatment of facial injuries.

According to a press release written by CCSD Chief Deputy Rob Gambill, a 911 call was received shortly after 6:00 p.m. from Cathy Bromagen who reported a violent disturbance that had occurred at her residence located at 7629 East Private Road 375 North in Poland. As the investigation progressed it was learned that Kenneth Receveur and Christopher Irvin, of Whiteland had gone to the Poland area to work on a camping trailer near the Bromagen’s residence.

Shortly before the 911 call was received, deputy Gambill noted, Receveur and Irvin drove onto the Bromagen property. Information gathered from the investigation shows that Cathy Bromagen had earlier yelled at Receveur and Irvin when they drove by her residence as she thought they were driv- ing too fast on the private road. Receveur and Irvin, according to Irvin, had both been drinking alcoholic beverages. Receveur exited the green Chevrolet Tahoe that he had been driving and met with Cathy Bromagen and her husband, John Bromagen.

The investigation revealed that Receveur asked Cathy and John Bromagen if they wanted to sell an old RV that was on their property. Cathy was upset with Receveur’s behavior and told him to get off of the property. Receveur was told that the RV wasn’t for sale and he called Cathy Bromagen a foul name. This angered Cathy, the press release notes, and she picked up a piece of wood and struck Receveur with it. Receveur was able to get the piece of wood away from Cathy and in the process she was knocked to the ground.

As Receveur and Cathy were involved in their altercation, Joshua Bromagen, who is Cathy and John’s son, arrived at the residence. Joseph Wallace, a friend of Joshua, was with him. Joshua exited his vehicle and “jumped” on Receveur who he thought was beating up his mother. Receveur then struck Joshua several times in the head. As Receveur and Joshua were fighting, Receveur’s friend, Christopher Irvin, got out of the vehicle and picked up a metal pipe, according to the press release. John Bromagen claimed that Irvin started toward him with the metal pipe in his hand so he retreated into his residence.

According to the press release, witnesses reported that when John Bromagen entered his residence, Irvin used the metal pipe to bust out the window and screen on the Bromagen’s front door. John Bromagen then retrieved his .22 caliber rifle and went outside and shot it into the air. John Bromagen reported that he did this as it was the only thing he could think to do to stop Receveur from beating up his wife and son.

The fight stopped once the gun was fired in the air and witnesses stated that Receveur and Irvin threatened that they were going to get guns. Receveur then got into the driver’s seat of the Tahoe and Irvin got into the front passenger seat.

The press release goes on to say that John Bromagen reported that once Receveur and Irvin got into their vehicle he thought they were trying to find a gun so he continued to fire shots at the vehicle. One of the first rounds fired by John struck the front windshield. John reported that the vehicle then took off and was spinning in circles and he thought that they were trying to run over somebody. John reported that the vehicle finally began to drive away from the property and he shot out the back windows of the vehicle as a way to “mark” it so the police would be able to find it later. At least one of these final rounds that were shot as the vehicle was traveling away from residence busted out the back glass and traveled the length of the vehicle and impacted the front windshield. Both of the rear windows were shot out of the Chevrolet Tahoe.

During the shooting, Receveur was struck in the face with glass or bullet fragments. An investigation of the interior of the vehicle revealed that if either Receveur or Irvin had been properly seated in the front driver or passenger seat, they would have likely been struck by one of the rounds in the head, neck, or upper torso. The green Tahoe that Receveur and Irvin were traveling in was hit at least five and possibly six times by rounds from the .22 rifle.

This investigation was very convoluted and arrests weren’t immediately made, the news release explains. A report containing nearly 100 pages of narratives, photographs, statements, criminal history reports and diagrams was presented to the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office. The Clay County Prosecutor reviewed the report and forwarded a probable cause statement to the court requesting the arrest of John Bromagen, 58, on a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness as a class “D” felony. The probable cause was approved, Bromagen’s arrest was ordered, and his bond set at $7,000 cash. John Bromagen was arrested Friday at the Clay County Justice Center.

Authorities have indicated that charges on some of the others involved in this incident have been requested and warrants and/or criminal summonses will likely be issued.

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