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Putnamville Correctional Facility Receives Environmental Award

Pictured above, left to right: Stanley Knight, Jane Santucci, Kevin Orme and Michael Callahan. (Courtesy Photo) Pictured above, left to right: Stanley Knight, Jane Santucci, Kevin Orme and Michael Callahan. (Courtesy Photo) The Putnamville Correctional Facility was recently honored by TREES Inc. for going “above and beyond” in its recycling efforts.

“Sustainability has become a key initiative for Indiana. We started by looking at efficiencies in our facilities’ operations, and we see in recycling programs such as Putnamville’s, that there are significant efficiencies to be found. These programs not only reduce the budget and make better use of resources, but also provide offenders with meaningful work that teaches them the value of sustainability and environmental awareness,” stated IDOC Commissioner Bruce Lemmon

During a ceremony held at the Vigo County Public Library, TREES Inc., Board Member Jane Santucci presented Putnamville Superintendent Stanley Knight with the award citing the facility’s accomplishments and stating, “It is so great to see an organization like the Putnamville

Correctional Facility to take such a massive positive step toward sustainability,”

Under the leadership of Superintendent Knight, the Putnamville Correctional Facility continues the incorporation and expansion of environmentally friendly practices, sustainable initiatives, and the use of “green energy” into everyday activities. The conservation of electricity, water, natural gas, steam, and the use of wind energy have provided an unprecedented monetary saving for the facility and to the taxpayers of Indiana. A 10 kilowatt windmill supplies the facility’s Training Department with daily power requirements; the installation of water conservation system has reduced water consumption from 547,114 gallons per day to 236,493 gallons per day; the installation of a bio-mass boiler has generated a $850,157 annual savings; upgrades and replacement of steam traps, and pressure regulating valves have reduced the facility’s steam load by 32-percent; recycling sales have generated an annual revenue of $58,000; and, the facility processes an average of 2,000 cubic yards of compost annually saving the facility approximately $35,000 per year. Part of the compost is used to bed native Indiana flowers for seed that is used to plant along Indiana roadways, in Indiana state parks, and rest areas. Beautification of our state is not the only reason for maintaining a viable seed center at the facility, the planting of flowers aerate soil and deter soil erosion. Overall, the prison’s sustainability efforts have equated to an annual savings of over one million dollars for the facility and Indiana tax payers.

“I attribute the success of our sustainability efforts to the support given by Commissioner Lemmon and to ISF staff and offenders who work diligently to make it a success. I extend my appreciation and thanks to everyone involved in the process and to Trees Inc. for recognition of our efforts and for this award,” Superintendent Stanley Knight.

TREES Inc. is a Terre Haute-based, not-for-profit organization founded in 1990 to encourage the planting of trees. The environmental volunteer group has pledged its efforts toward replenishing the declining urban forest, educating citizens about the importance of maintaining existing trees, improving the environment, beautifying the community, and stimulating community participation and civic pride.

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