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Owen And Surrounding Counties Experiencing Rise In Rural Thefts

All Suspicious Activity Must Be Reported As It Happens, Not Later
Staff Report

In less than a two-week period, the Owen County Sheriff ’s Department has seen a significant increase in the number of rural thefts occurring in the northern portion of the county.

Much of the thievery has occurred in outbuildings on farms, with the focus on interest centered on large batteries.

“From State Road 67 over to U.S. 231 has been the hardest hit area in the past two weeks,” Owen County Sheriff Chester Richardson III said. “Anything from miscellaneous tools to batteries and lawn mowers. Most of (the thefts) have occurred in the late evening or early morning hours.”

Sheriff Richardson explained

Tuesday morning that the OCSD initiated extra patrol in that portion of the county nearly one week ago.

“We believe (the thieves) may be getting dropped off and picked up later, but we don’t know that for certain,” he noted. “If citizens see anything at all, or hear anything at all, report it as soon as it happens, not two or three days later.”

The sheriff also remind- ed citizens that while the northeastern section of the county may have been the hardest hit area thus far, it does not mean thefts cannot and have not occurred in other areas. Thefts have been reported in the Jordan Village area as well, he said.

“We have a new case of theft every night or every other day, and it’s not anything specific, it’s different in each place they hit,” Sheriff Richardson said. “People should be sure to write down their serial numbers on any items they have and that way we can enter them in the system so that when or if we ever find something we can run it and find out who it belongs to.”

The sheriff emphasized that neighboring Putnam and Morgan counties have also seen a recent increase in theft reports.

“It’s not just our county, it’s a tri-county area,” he added. “If someone sees any suspicious activity, they should call the sheriff ’s department immediately.”

The OCSD can be reached at 829-4874.

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