Angels & Doves Anti Bullying program

On February 23rd., the eyes, hearts and minds of young people at Cloverdale Middle School were opened to the cause and effect of bullying by guest speaker Kim Harvey, co-founder, of Angels & Doves, an anti-bullying program. This is a nationwide program.

Bullying is the cruel and intentional act of physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

Mary and Steve Haas have been very concerned about one of their grandchildren that has been bullied, the other students who are being bullied, and have been bullied. They have great concerns with bullying because they have seen how bullying has a lasting affect on the child and those who care for the child. It effects the “whole” family!

Bullying has to stop now!!! Too many children have been lost already by suicide due to bullying. It has to stop and it has to stop now!!!

Statistics show that 160,000 children stay home “daily” due to bullying. This is “every” day. 60% Of “all” children have been bullied. 20% Of “all” high schoolers that are being bullied seriously contemplate suicide.

Kim demonstrated some of the various types of bullying by using, “the bull” mascot. (Verbal, phsyical, emotional, and cyber bulling)

Thank you to the two high school students who wore the mascot to help out.

“The bull” program was implemented by Kim for schools, if they wish to do the anti-bullying program. “The bull” is a student or students who volunteer to help, or are appointed students by the staff, to help keep peace between the bully and the bullied.

“The bull” program developed by Angels and Doves. This program allows fellow students to become a peacekeeper within bullying situations in your school. This person or persons are going to be called “the bull”. They wear a special t-shirt, that say on the back “I am the Bull...You can talk to me.”

“The bull” is someone you can talk to, you can tell your secrets to, and that you can go to when a bully has frightened you or threatened you. “The Bull” will glady walk you to a safe place and get you further assistance from an adult. “The Bull” is your friend in need!!!

There is also a no bullying club, which Kim would help set up, if the school wishes to participate. It is in a homeroom type situation that meets weekly. Students sign up to participate. This club is to keep the “spirit” of “no bullying” going...The school selects a teacher that would like to run the program -- just like the homeroom math club, or however the school wishes to do it.

Steve and Mary received the following email from their daughter the evening after the program.

“I would basically like to thank Kim (Angels and Doves) for coming to school and for sharing her knowledge of a serious subject,”bullying”. “Bullying” needs to stop. The teaching and acceptance needs to start at home. Take the time to talk with your kids and have an open line of communication.

“Bullying” has many faces and Kim (Angels and Doves) touched on each one of them.”

“As a parent of a child that has and is being “bullied” is devastating! It not only affects the child; it affects everyone that loves that child. Again this is serious and children are taking their own lives over what people verbally and physically do to them. This needs, no this has to stop! Be an active part in our children’s lives! Stop blaming society and start taking credit for your own responsibility! This starts at home!”

“Love you both and thank you for helping Stephen and other students out. He is so lucky to have Grandparents who are so loving and involved in his life! God knows that he loves you both dearly as well as I do. We are all so blessed to have you both.”

We would like to thank the following businesses for their kind donations:

Designer’s Den Hair Salon

Fun Shirts ‘n More

And one anoumious donor

Steve and Mary paid for the rest so the program could be presented to all the middle school.

Donations are still needed in order to present the “Angels and Doves” program to the elementary and high school.

Would you please help make this possible????!!!

To learn more about “Angels and Doves” please go to:


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