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Cloverdale Church of Christ Vacation Bible School Scheduled for June 3 - 7

All Aboard The Kingdom Express, will be the theme for this year’s Vacation Bible School at the Cloverdale church of Christ. Sunday, June 3, will be the beginning and it will end on Thursday, June 7. The time will be from 6:00 - 8:00 each evening.

In many ways, our lives can be compared to one long set of railroad tracks, extending all the way from birth to our future and eternal home in heaven. Yet, all along the way are obstacles which can derail us or cause us to veer onto the wrong track.

This VBS is about how to stay strong, powerful, and traveling down the right track as we make our way along life’s journey. Of course, a life which continually rolls down the right track does not happen by accident but through determination to make good choices.

Bible classes for all ages, including adults, will be available. All area children and adults are encouraged to take advantage of this time to study God’s Word. Materials are all free and there will be no collections. For more information or transportation, you may contact the church office at 795-6233

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