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Owen County Democrats Select Frank Coffin As Party Chairman

Newly-selected Owen County Democratic Party Chairman Frank Coffin (left) shakes hands with outgoing party chairman Anton Neff. (Courtesy Photo) Newly-selected Owen County Democratic Party Chairman Frank Coffin (left) shakes hands with outgoing party chairman Anton Neff. (Courtesy Photo) The Owen County Democratic Party recently held its quadrennial reorganization meeting to elect party leadership for the next four years. Democratic precinct officials selected Frank Coffin to be chairman.

Joining him are vice chairwoman Tami Snodgrass, secretary Ed Staubach, and treasurer Cheryl Moke. Immediate past chairman Anton Karl Neff had announced his “retirement” after twelve years of service. Outgoing vice chairwoman Jo Ann Ligon had served for four years, outgoing secretary Cynthia Hyde had served for eight, and outgoing treasurer Tami Snodgrass had served this past year.

Coffin has been involved with the Owen County Democratic Party since returning to Indiana in 2003. A freelance education writer and editor by profession, he has often assisted in preparing party advertising and newspaper materials, has served as a precinct committeeman, and works regularly as a Democratic election judge.

“I am honored to be asked to chair the party,” Coffin said. “Although no one could bring the unique energy, experience, and enthusiasm that Anton Neff has provided, I’ll have support from new and previous officers, precinct officials, and party members – including Anton, who has been extremely helpful as we make the transition. So we’ll do our best. Democrats have traditionally been the party of working people, which most Owen County people are. Our goal is to listen to them, share values and good times with them, and ask them to join us in electing those who truly represent their interests.”

Retiring Chairman Neff noted, “It was twelve years ago that I was entrusted with the chairmanship of our county’s party. I remember that time well – it was neither a position that I planned to run for, nor one that I thought I would be involved with, but the opportunity presented itself. After encouragement from many of our party’s longtime and loyal supporters, I wound up dedicating twelve years of my life to our party. I have no regrets.

“No matter what the outcome of any one election cycle, no matter what the challenge was, for better or worse, the collective personal experience has been valuable for me. I hope that my contributions to our organization were of value to the party and community. The job as chairman had grown on me, but so have many other obligations like my family, my career as an insurance agent, and my service as an Owen County Council member. I thank everyone for their support. I look forward to continuing my service in county government and I wish Frank the best in leading our party.”

For more information about the Owen County Democratic Party, visit the official website at www.owendemocrats.org, or visit the party’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/Owen- CountyIndianaDemocrats. The Owen County Democratic Party headquarters is located at 152 East Jefferson Street in Spencer. Chairman Coffin can be reached directly at owenchair@owendemocrats.org.

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