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Cloverdale Bus Inspection ‘Times’ Explained To Citizen, CCSC Board

by Amanda York
Staff Writer

The first day of classes for area children also served as the scheduled date for the latest meeting of the Cloverdale Community School Board (CCSC). All board members were present, with the exception of Christopher Mann, who was attending an out-ofstate conference.

The board first heard from a concerned citizen regarding the recent bus inspection for Cloverdale, outlined on an Indianapolis news broadcast. With a state bus inspection report already on the night’s agenda to be discussed, the board moved to hear from Indiana State Troopers Chuck Tharp and Mark Raper regarding the recent inspections.

Officer Raper and Tharp addressed the room, explaining the inspection process in detail.

“We are inspecting these buses, I want you to rest assured,” Raper explained. “I have a sevenyear old and a ten-year-old and I inspect each bus as if my child is going to ride that bus. We do not let a bus on the roadway until I know it is going to be safe.”

Although the Cloverdale Community School Corporation buses received a 100-percent pass rating, the issue in question for the citizen was in regards to the time stamps for the inspection, which were only a few minutes apart in some circumstances. It was explained by the officers that the inspection information was input for each bus into a Blackberry device. This device time stamps the entry when the officer hits ‘send.’ Sometimes the information would not be input until the end of the inspection of several buses, explaining the short amount of time between time stamps.

The school board next heard from Dan Sulkoske regarding ongoing roofing and mechanical projects. According to Sulkoske, the high school and elementary school roofing projects are complete as is the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) project. The site survey/ drainage study has also been completed.

A quarterly update from Cloverdale Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Carrie Milner was given on the Putnam County Community Foundation’s Cloverdale endowments. The Knoy Resource Center Endowment has a fund balance of $47,031.06, while the Cloverdale Community School Corporation Endowment has a balance of $40,989.

Under new business, the board moved to approve the proposed 2014 budgets, capital projects plan and school bus replacement plan for publication. The 2013-2014 Pepsi contract was also approved.

Several field trip, facility use and cash transfers requests were also unanimously approved by the board members present.

Lastly, the board approved the following personnel requests: Employment/Volunteer

•Dawn Ellen Tucker, seventh grade science teacher.

•Dawn Brown, CES/ CMS cafeteria (part-time).

•Alice Hicks, CES/CMS cafeteria (part-time).

•Sharon Freeman, CES/CMS cafeteria (parttime).

•Naomi Newkirk, CES/ CMS cafeteria (part-time).

•Jean Raney, CES/CMS cafeteria (part-time).

•Susan Workman, CES/ CMS cafeteria (part-time).

•Shauna Rossock, CMS instructional assistant.

•Kristin Smith, CES instructional assistant. Reassignment

•Bill Keck, part-time to full-time maintenance.

•Linda Collins, CHS cafeteria to CHS custodian (full-time).

•Paula Shadwick, CES/ CMS cafeteria to custodian (part-time). Resignations

•Jena Schroer, CES instructional assistant.

•Jessica DeVore, CES instructional assistant.

•Kayla Myer, CMS instructional assistant.

•Tori Maldonado, CMS instructional assistant.

•Maggie Wallace, CES instructional assistant.

•Adam Hoersten, CHS chemistry teacher.

•Stephanie Brubeck, CHS biology teacher. Coaching/Hire/Volunteer

•Jarrod Duff, CMS head baseball coach.

•Tim Powell, CMS volunteer football assistant.

•Seth Allen, CHS volunteer football assistant.

•Jason Frye, CHS volunteer football assistant.

The Cloverdale School Board will meet again on Monday, September 9, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Arthur L. Johnson Administration Center, located on East Logan Street in Cloverdale.

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