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Chip Sealing On U.S. 231 Begins Tuesday, August 27th At Freedom

Project Will Continue On North Of Spencer, Eastward On S.R. 67
Staff Report

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) maintenance personnel have been scheduled to chip seal three state highways in Owen and Morgan counties over the next several weeks. Flaggers will be present to direct traffic around moving worksites on U.S. 231 and state roads 67 and 39.

Motorists are advised to drive slowly and with caution where chip seal is being applied.

INDOT Bloomington Subdistrict crews plan to begin at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday on U.S. 231 at Freedom. They will chip seal to State Road 67 north of Spencer. At that point, pavement preservation operations turn eastward on State Road 67 to State Road 39 at Martinsville. Then, a section of S.R. 39 south of the White River bridge will be chip sealed. Placing the chip seal surface treatment on these three routes is expected to take eight working days.

Once chip seal has been applied, INDOT will overspray the three highways with a fog seal. This work should take five working days. Daily operations can be pushed back by inclem- ent weather.

In all, INDOT crews will chip and fog seal 28.0 lane miles on U.S. 231, 32.2 lane miles on S.R. 67 and 4.1 lane miles on S.R. 39.

Chip sealing requires liquid asphalt to be sprayed on the roadway – to be topped with small chips of limestone aggregate.

According to INDOT, “This will extend the service life of U.S. 231, S.R. 67 and S.R. 39 by sealing the pavement against moisture and ultraviolet rays. Safety for the motoring public is improved through restoration of surface friction which improves skid resistance.”

The fog seal further seals the pavement while dampening dust from the aggregate fines.

Chip seals are extremely cost-effective, INDOT noted in a press release announcing the project, with studies showing that for every $1 spent, approximately $10 in savings is returned to the state and taxpayers in the form of reduced maintenance cost and increased service life.

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