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Scooter Regulations To Tighten Under New Indiana Law In 2015

Staff Report

Those driving motorized scooters will be forced to meet stricter regulations under a new Indiana law. The measure signed into law by Governor Mike Pence requires operators of scooters to obtain a license plate from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, possess a valid state ID and pass a road sign test.

“My office receives a lot of inquiries from officers who have questions about the application of the traffic code to motor scooter operators. It is my hope that the new law, House Bill 1343, will clarify the law relating to motor scooter ownership and operation. For instance, the new law defines scooters, mopeds and motorcycles as falling under one of two classes: Class A or Class B,” Owen County Prosecutor Don VanDer- Moere explained. “Class A cycles have engines measuring 50cc or greater. To drive a Class A vehicle, you will be required to pass a motorcycle examination and have a valid driver’s insurance, registration and license plate. A Class B cycle, or a lower powered scooter, is defined as having an engine smaller than 50 cubic centimeters and now requires a state ID with a motor driven cycle endorsement, registration and license plate.”

Scooter owners, however, will continue to be allowed to operate without insurance. The law does not change the minimum age to operate a scooter, remaining at 15, but does raise the maximum speed to 35 miles per hour and bans travel on interstates.

“The registration requirements mean that scooters will now have colored license plates, which will distinguish each class and should assist law enforcement officers enforcing the traffic laws,” VanDer- Moere added.

The changes to Indiana law related to motorized scooters will take effect on January 1, 2015.

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