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‘13 Graduation Rates Increase At Owen Valley, Cloverdale Schools

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A recent Indiana Department of Education report highlighted graduation rates for 2013, compared with those reported in 2012, 2011 and 2010.

At Cloverdale, the 2013 rate topped 90 percent – 91.7 percent – with 77 of the school’s 84 seniors receiving a diploma last school year. Cloverdale’s percentage has increased in each of the last three years, from 2012’s graduation rate of 80.4 percent, 73.8 percent in 2011, and 75 percent in 2010.

“Any time you can break the 90 percent mark, especially with our transient population, we feel like we’re going in the right direction,” CHS Principal Sony Stoltz said. “We’re happy with these numbers. We put our night school in and now we have more options for our seniors, we’re doing a better job of keeping records and keeping kids accountable. I think all of those things add to it, but I really believe more opportunities for students help. Things happen and to try to get an education in four years for some students is difficult. The night school allows them to catch up or get some classes they normally wouldn’t in a normal seven-hour day. When you start a program it takes four or five years for it to get into full swing, for those opportunities to really pay off and I think we’re there. In the last four years we’ve seen some great changes.”

The 92.8 percent graduation rate for Owen Valley in 2013 marked an alltime high for the school, giving OVHS a higher average than the state standard (88.6 percent) for the last two school years. Since 2010, OVHS has seen an increase of more than 19 percent, with three consecutive years of steady decreases in drop-outs, sus- pensions and expulsion.

“Owen Valley High School’s goal is for every student to receive a diploma. All teachers, counselors, administration, and staff work extremely hard to help each student achieve this goal,” OVHS Principal Rhonda Schafer said. “Some programs that have helped achieve this is: night school, volunteer tutoring provided by teachers, summer school, and incentive programs for students with perfect attendance, honor roll and improved GPA.”

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