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Cloverdale Music Department Announces 2014-15 Achievements

by Bill Cole
CHS Band Director

Cloverdale’s instrumental music department has experienced many performance opportunities for the talented, hardworking students involved with the program. These contests and events occur outside of the regular school day. Student musicians, their parents, and instructors have made extra efforts to rehearse and perform to the best of their ability, being positive ambassadors for Cloverdale Community Schools and the local area.

Performance ensembles for the music department were held in February, March and April including groups such as the Cloverdale Winter Guard, ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Concert Choir, Concert Band, and the Cloverdale-Monrovia Independent Winter Drumline. Details of their achievements are as follows:

Indiana State School Music Association Solo and Ensemble Contest held at Terre Haute North High School on Saturday, January 31st and February 7th. Cloverdale High School sent over 60 participants in individual or group events.

Vocal participants included: Anna Cole, Kess Raisor, Emily Stattner, Alex Boggs, Denise Janke, Kim Bell, Morgan Miley, Dylan Deem, Caleb Nygen, Eddie Mannan, and Emily Wardlow

Instrumental participants included: Tanner White, Anna Cole, Jimmy Tate, James Neier, Noah Cox, Krystana Woods, and Samantha Woods

State level vocal solo and ensemble participants included Emily Stattner and Denise Janke. State level instrumental solo and ensemble participants included: Noah Cox, Anna Cole, Jimmy Tate, and Evan Williamson.

The Cloverdale Pep Band enjoyed an exciting season of performances at home basketball games. Student members of the Pep Band are: Alex Anderson, Able Bates, Tyler Bowling, Cierra Farmer, Bridget Jackson, Dustin Boothby, Rae Mc- Fadden, Charlotte Muns, Krystyna Woods, Jordan Garrett, Alex Boggs, Dillon Knight, Kess Raisor, Tristen Wojack, Tanner White, Kelsey Campbell, Jackson Szczerbick, Anna Cole, James Neier, Angela Pieper, Saphire Massey, Chloe Mannan, Cassie McMullin, Courtney Shadwick, Noah Cox, Ethan Baker, Andrew Gordon, Nolan Maners, Sam Woods, Ross Baker, Matt Mc- Fadden, Stephen Osmialowski, Brittney Freeland, Sidney Goins, Aaron Gordon, Austin Greene, Phoenix Hartsburg, Jarrik Hayden, Payton Jannings, Jeff Jurgens, Zach Karol, Dara Kennedy, Andrew Monnett, Sarah Neidlinger, Malaressa Patton, Trinity Rairdon, Ashley Roman, Vanessa Sims, Abie Speas, Jimmy Tate, Anne Marie Williams, Hannah Williams, Evan Williamson, and Tristen Wojcik

The Jazz Band performed at the ISSMA Jazz Contest and earned a Gold rating. In addition to concerts they also performed for the Elementary and Middle school students on March 20th. The students are Noah Cox, James Neier, Anna Cole, Rae McFadden, Evan Williamson, Jimmy Tate, Andrew Gordon, Tristen Wojcik, Vanessa Sims, Bridget Jackson, Andrew Monnett, Abel Bates, Hannah Williams, Dillion Knight, Aaron Gordon, Matt McFadden, and Tanner White

Cloverdale’s Winter Drumline performed an original arrangement called “For the Love of Money” by Rusty Bottomley. Drill writer was Trevor Hanson. The unit, which has been an Indiana Percussion Association State Finalist the past 4 years, performed at several events earning first place at each. Since 2012, Cloverdale-Monrovia Winter Drumline has finished first or second in the Independent A class. The group had 27 Cloverdale students and six Monrovia students. Members include: Aaron Gordon, Abel Bates, Adam Stattner, Andrew Monnett, Anna Cole, Betsy McCrary (Monrovia), Brady Szczerbik, Bridget Jackson, Daniel Rhoden, Emily Stattner, Eric Stattner, Ethan Stattner, Evan Williamson, Gunnar Fuetter, Hannah Williams, James Neier, Jeffery Jurgens, Jimmy Tate, Kayla Monts (Monrovia), Markus priest, Mason Thompson, Matt McFadden, Nolan Abell (Monrovia), Patrick Skillern (Monrovia), Rae McFadden, Sarah Neidlinger, Stephen Osmialowski, Tanner White, Trinity Rairdon, Zach Woodley (Monrovia), and Zack Stevens (Monrovia).

The Cloverdale Winter Guard has been participating in Indiana High School Color Guard Association contest this winter. The show was called “Too Late.” The group performed their show at several contest and received positive comments about their program and efforts. Members included Kess Raisor, Payton Jannings, Vanessa Sims, Phoenix Hartsburg, Kim Bell, Jason Bell, Bethany Stiers, Erin Beatty, Tatiana Rainey, Bobby Phillips, Rachael Mboga, Emily Wardlow, Sami Knight,, Ashley Roman, Ann Marie Williams, Lilly Davis , Jazmin Freeman, and Sabrina Workman. The program continues to mature and progress under the direction of Mrs. Angie Raisor.

Vocal Jazz Choir members who earned a Gold rating included: Anna Cole, Megan Fidler, Sincere Gaston, Samantha Knight, Morgan Miley, Jenni Souders, Emily Stattner, Angela Trimble, Emily Wardlow, Ashley Ro- man, Denise Janke, Cydnie Thompson, Krystyna Woods, Luci Crocker, Olivia Boothby, Carlie Curry, Nolan Gibson, James Neier, Eddie Mannan, Caleb Nguyen, Miranda Williams, and Kess Rasior.

Upcoming events include:

•April 9th – ISSMA Pre- Contest Festival at Owen Valley High School. A guest clinician from Indiana University will give constructive comments to the Concert Band to prepare for the upcoming ISSMA Organizational event for high school groups.

•April 10th and 11th – Cloverdale High School will host ISSMA Middle School Organizational contest in Cloverdale High School Cafetorium. Local schools and their performance times include Friday at 6:15 p.m., Cloverdale sixth grade band; 6:40 p.m., Greencastle Beginning Band; 7:30 p.m., North Putnam Middle School Band; 8:20 p.m., Greencastle Middle School Band; and 9:10 p.m., Cloverdale seventh and eighth band.

Saturday times are: 12:15 p.m., Owen Valley Middle School Band; 1:00 p.m., Cloverdale sixth grade choir; 1:15 p.m., Greencastle Beginning Choir; 2:00 p.m., Cloverdale seventh and eighth grade choir; 2:15 p.m., North Putnam Middle School Choir; and 3:30 p.m., Greencastle Middle School Choir.

•April 17th – Cloverdale High School Concert Band ISSMA Contest at Northview High School at 7:30 p.m.

•April 18th – Cloverdale High School Concert Choir ISSMA Contest at North Clay Middle School at 10:00 a.m.

•May 7th – Cloverdale High School Variety Show in CHS Cafetorium, 6:30 p.m.

•May 14th – Cloverdale School Corporation Arts Fair at Cloverdale Middle School, 5:00-7:30 p.m.

•May 16th – Emerald Command to march at Kings Island Amusement Park.

May 24th – Emerald Command to march at Indianapolis 500 pre-race parade, Speedway, Indiana.

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