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Cloverdale School Board Votes To Approve Reduction In Force

by Amanda York
Staff Writer

The seven-member Cloverdale Community School Corporation (CCSC) Board of Directors convened June 8th for its regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Following the organization of the meeting and routine matters of approving meeting minutes and claims and financial reports, the board moved on to new business.

The first item on the agenda under new business was hearing the reduction in force (RIF) list as read by CCSC Superintendent Greg Linton. The board voted to approved the elimination of the following positions:

• Two elementary teachers.

•One elementary counselor (to be replaced with a Home School Advisor).

•One elementary principal position (transferred to intervention position).

•One high school business position.

•Five full-time Instructional assistants.

•One ONT Job Coach.

•One .5 custodial position.

The board then moved to approve the CES home school advisor position. This position requires only a two-year associate’s degree rather than the four-year bachelor’s degree required of a counselor, thereby saving the corporation money.

The board also approved adjustments to the classified technology position, moving to 185 days per year and a 29 and a half hour work week.

CCSC also held its second lease finance hearing. It was announced that the maximum term of the lease is 15 years and the maximum principal amount is $5,000,000. The maximum annual lease payment is $135,000 and the maximum interest cost is $606,000. Maximum interest rate is one to five percent. The current debt service levy is $1.5 million and the tax rate is about 59 cents. The maximum net increase on the tax rate is about 4.5 cents. Estimated assessed value is $256,000,000.

The school corporation received an A+ rating from Standard and Poore on Monday.

With a unanimous vote, Cloverdale Middle School and Cloverdale Elementary School social studies textbooks were adopted.

Several field trip, facility use and professional leave requests were also approved.

In the final item of business, the Cloverdale School Board approved the following personnel items:


•Calandra “Callie” Edie, CHS agriculture teacher/FFA advisor.

•Maggee Boyce, CHS summer school teacher.

•Andy Tyler, CHS summer school teacher.

•John Nees, Driver’s eduction teacher.

•Kyle Ellis, part-time summer maintenance.


•Tiffany Douglass, CHS agriculture teacher, FFA position.

•Sara Gore, CES teacher


•Julie Beatty, CHS band volunteer.

•David Raisor, CHS band volunteer.

•Sam Workman Salisbury, CHS band volunteer.

•Rebecca Beyers, CHS band volunteer.

•Tabatha Hickey, CHS band volunteer.

•Dakota Jones, CHS band volunteer.

Cloverdale School Board members Donna Fidler, Daniel Hofmann, Duane Huge, Christopher Mann, Bobbi Nees, Rob Schroer, and Vivian Whitaker will meet again on Monday, July 13, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Arthur C. Johnson Administration Center, located on East Logan Street in Cloverdale.

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