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Superintendent Linton Outlines 2016 Budget Projections In Presentation To School Board

by Amanda York
Staff Writer

The Cloverdale Community School Corporation (CCSC) Board of Trustees met August 10th with five board members in attendance and two absent.

After the organization of the meeting and approval of meeting minutes, claims, and financial reports, the board heard from superintendent Greg Linton who provided an update on ongoing construction projects.

According to Linton, the speaker system in the high school was installed in late May and the gym floor is now complete. The contractor started work on the campus asphalt and drainage project on July 13. The storm sewer, asphalt and striping work around the high school was completed and milling and paving was set to resume on August 17. Asphalt repairs are to remain ongoing through September.

Contract completion for the asphalt and drainage project is set for October 2015, but weather delays have impacted work. The construction cost, despite a few unforeseen issues, continued to remain within budget.

The existing elementary PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioner) units, frame, insulation, and drywall work was completed by the start of school, August 10. Cabinets are currently being fabricated and will be installed in October. Work on the middle school roof is set to begin in September.

Proposals were received and reviewed for the new fence and gates project with the job awarded to TJ Fencing. Work is scheduled to start mid-September and be completed by mid-October.

Moving on to new business, the board received a PowerPoint presentation regarding the proposed 2016 budgets, capital projects plan and school bus replacement plan.

“In the last ten years, our enrollment has declined 223 students, so that is definitely going to have an impact on the revenue flow that we have in the general fund,” Linton noted

Cloverdale Community Schools finished 2014 with an ending cash bal- ance of $1,550,451.00, down $357,728 from the 2013 ending cash balance of $1,908,179.

There were several assumptions used for the 2016 budget forecast including:

•Creating no new certified positions that are paid from the general fund;

•Group insurance will increase by 13 percent in 2016;

•Utilities will increase by 10 percent each year;

•Property and casualty insurance will increase by 10 percent each year;

•Salary increases will be zero percent to the general fund;

•Will continued to pay $165,000 to utilities from the capital projects fund; and

•The general fund will decrease in revenue by $1.3 million during the next two school years (2015-2016 and 2016-2017).

Linton requested the board allocate $1 million to a rainy day fund.

“In bus replacement, we’re generating $290,500 (via levy), and most of that money has to actually be neutralized by state law to make our pension bond payment,” Linton said. “While I have a rate listed for pension bond, the legislators, several years ago, passed a law that you can’t collect on that fund so they make you neutralize other funds that you collect taxes on to be able to pay for that. I won’t go into all of the details why, but it was politics. The reality of it is, we’ll only have about $30,000 or $40,000 in bus replacement after we make our pension debt payment to buy busses. That’s why I’m asking you to appropriate $1 million in rainy day. We may have to buy busses out of rainy day or something like that.”

The board approved for publication the proposed 2016 budgets, capital projects plan and school bus replacement.

A board meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 1 to conduct a public hearing on the budget. During the regularly scheduled board meeting on Monday, September 14, it will be recommended that the board adopts the budget.

The also board approved professional leave, field trip and facility use requests, as well as a long list of transfer in requests.

In the final business of the evening, the board approved the following personnel items:


•Garry Porter, bus driver

•Lori Halloran, Cloverdale Middle School (CMS) teacher


•Glee Kerr, Cloverdale Elementary School (CES)/ CMS treasurer

•Mark Couch, bus driver

•Sharon Freeman, CES/ CMS cafeteria

•Regina Walton, CMS teacher

•Donna McFadden, Cloverdale High School (CHS) part-time custodian

•Trenton Lucas, Knoy program director

Coaching/Hire/ Volunteer/Resignation Hire

•Deb Atwood, CHS cheerleading coach

•Matthew Langdon, CHS girls’ golf coach

•Andy Tyler, CHS co-ed cross country coach

•Brad Szczerbik, CHS junior varsity football coach

•Michael Nees, CHS varsity assistant football coach

•Dave Zorman, CHS varsity assistant football coach

•Tyrone Scott, CHS varsity assistant football coach

•Kathy Moore, CHS head volleyball coach

•Kristen Ferran, CHS junior varsity volleyball coach

•Dave Kiley, CHS varsity volunteer assistant football coach

•Mike Parks, CHS varsity volunteer assistant football coach

•Bambi Burton, CMS cheerleading coach

•Sam Brown, CMS fifth/ eighth co-ed cross country coach

•Traci Scott, CMS seventh grade volleyball coach

•Megan Puckett, CMS eighth grade volleyball coach

•Marshall Adams, CMS seventh grade football coach

•Tony Evans, CMS eighth grade football coach •Shawn Mattingly, CMS seventh/eighth grade assistant football coach

•Bill Roberts, CMS seventh/ eighth volunteer assistant football coach

•Chad Koosman, CMS fifth/eighth volunteer assistant cross country

•Tish Combs, CMS volunteer girls cheer assistant coach

•Crystal Dean, CMS volunteer girls cheer assistant coach

Cloverdale School Board members Donna Fidler, Daniel Hofmann, Duane Huge, Christopher Mann, Bobbi Nees, Rob Schroer, and Vivian Whitaker will meet again on Monday, September 14, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Arthur C. Johnson Administration Building, located on East Logan Street in Cloverdale. This meeting is open to the public.

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