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Owen County Prosecutor Requests Assistance From Local Businesses

Staff Report

Based on a recent flood of counterfeit Unit­ed

States currency being passed throughout the county, Owen County Pros­ecutor Don VanDerMoere is asking local businesses and individuals to imme­diately adopt the following procedures for dealing with suspected counterfeit bills (source: United States Se­cret Service):

Upon receipt of any sus­pected counterfeit bills:

•Do not return the bill(s) to the passer.

•Delay the passer, if possible.

•Observe and document the passer’s description, as well as anyone that accom­panies the passer. Also, try to observe and document the license numbers of any vehicles used.

•Immediately contact your local police depart­ment or United States Se­cret Service field office.

•Limit the handling of the bill so that potential DNA or fingerprint evi­dence is not disturbed.

•Carefully place the bill in a protective covering such as an envelope. Write your initials and the date on the sealed portion of the envelope to help establish a chain of custody.

•Surrender the bill only to properly identified po­lice officers or U.S. Secret Service special agents.

•Immediately secure any surveillance footage or photographs taken of the passer or their compan­ions.

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