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Dear Santa...

The second graders at Cloverdale Elementary have written letters to Santa expressing their wishes for Christmas. Following are the letters as they have written them.

We have eliminated separate paragraphs in order to save space.

Sheryl Hall’s Second Grade Class 

Dear Santa,

I have been good all year. How is Mrs. Claus? Can you bring me some pants and a four wheeler to. I want an elf for me on Christmas. Oh and if you don`t know my address, it is 508. Bring me a pair of boots. My mom need`s a new pair of boots to. What cookies do you like to eat on Christmas?

From: Blayton A.

Dear Santa

How is Mrs. Claus doing? Good or bad. What I want for Christmas is a bike and a scooter and a leap frog. My mom wants pots and pans and lids to go on them. My dad wants a new wallet. My brother Brayden wants a new phone. My brother Bryce wants a new phone too. I don’t live in Eminence anymore. I live in Cloverdale. I have been good. Merry Christmas! I know somebody who never gets really anything I bet he’ll want a john deer tractor. My Mamaw Ginger really wants some pots and pans that are red and silver.

Briona B.

Dear Santa

How are you’re elves. We got one. He is really good. How is Mrs. Claus. I hope she is doing good. How is Rudolph and you’re reindeer. I would like a necklace please. I would like a American girl doll. I want a cotton candy maker. My dad wants a hunting hat. My mom wants nail polish. My sister wants a dora play phone. Please help homeless people. They do not have anything. Here are some instructions my stockings are by the tree and the tree is by the window. Be careful because the dog will bite you. I was good I helped people I held the door for people at restaurants. I hope you’re reindeer are being good. I can’t wait till Christmas is here. So can you do Christmas early?

Love you’re friend,
Brooklee M

Dear Santa, 

How is Rudolofh? My sister wants a Barbie doll so does Hannah Hubble my other sister. I want car toy. You have to go chimney. I want football cards. How are the elves? Santa can you get people food who needs it

Charles H

Dear Santa,

Can you get me a zombie strike Nerf gun. Can I have a tablet. Can you get me a scooter. Can my dad get a four wheeler. My sister would like An American girl doll. Can my dogs get a bone. My mom would like a sparkly ring. How are the elves doing. How are the reindeer doing. Have you seen Rudolph. Can you get other Families stuff. I been good. We do not have a chimney. I live in Boland.

Chase C.

Dear Santa,

Has Mrs. Jingels been saying good things about me? I hope she has. Lately she has been sitting in the same spot. I hope the baby did not touch her. I would like a hunting gun and more shopkins. And little live pets please. My Mommy wants a big fluffy blanket. My brother wants a star wars lego set. My Daddy wants a fishing hat. I hope you get to the poor because they need food and a home and clothes. We do not have a chimney. We moved to Tower Road.

Love Chloe IJ

Dear Santa,

I hope you don’t lose any of your reindeer. How is Mrs. Claus. Is she okay. For Christmas I would like a rc car and a minecraft lego set too. I think mom would like a necklace and dad a new sprint car front wing. I think that Deighton would like an rc car too. I know that Cota needs a new motor for his rc jumpy truck. Santa I moved from my old house to here. I live in Indiana on Cataract road. My mail box number is 2710.

Your friend Deven M

Dear Santa,

How are the elves doing? I would love to have a Reindeer. I would Love a Shopkin and an American doll. I would Love new cloths. My Mommy would love cleaning stuff. I do not know what the others want. Can you help Kadance? I have been good. Hi reindeer. Hi Mrs. Claus and elves and Santa. Can I buy the workshop? What cookies do you like? I would love presents. I love the Northpole.

Hannah P

Dear Santa,

How do elves fly? Also how are the elves? I like your sleigh. Also how is Rudolph doing? I would like to have a reindeer. Also my brothers wants a tablet. My Mom wants a wallet. Also my Dad wants more tools. What cookies do you like? Also my dad got a new fire place so be careful. I got a new dog. My big brother wants a car for Christmas.

Hunter G

Dear Santa,

How have the elves been? Have you seen Rudolf lately? I would like a bicycle. I need a new blanket for my bed. I would like a doll. Will you please bring my brother a pacifier? Would you please bring my dad a car? Will you please bring my mom boots? Would you please bring my sister clothes? Please give presents to needy families. Come in my door. Watch out for my dog please. I have been very good.

Jaci M

Dear Santa,

How have you been doing? I would be happy if I had a new zoomer dino. Can I have a polar express toy? Can I have a football? Don’t go down the chimney. You might hurt yourself. I have been good. I have been doing the right thing. Please give the Needy families blankets. Watch out for the dog. Watch for the fireplace. What kind of cookies do you like.

Jack C.

Dear Santa,

Do you know where my house is? How is Mrs. Claus? Can I have an elf on the shelf and some makeup too please? Can I have a phone? My bother would like a toy car. Can my baby sister have a new toy too? I live on W water st. Our stocking are by the stairs. Go through the window because we do not have a chimney. We might make cookies and if we do I might eat 1 or 2 ok? I have been good by helping do chores. I love you Santa. You are so nice. I like Mrs. Claus.

Love Jaydhan C.

Dear Santa.

Have the elves been good? I want a bike and a army guy to and an elf please. My mom wants a coffee cup. My dad wants a camo hat. My brothers wants toys and a bucket full of candy too and a pacifier. We need food please. Watch out for my dogs and my fireplace and I moved. Please watch out for my roof is slippery. Do you like chocolate cookies? I will leave milk for you. How mini cookies 5 cookies? My dogs are mean too. My dogs want a chew toy.

Justin R

Dear Santa,

How are the elves? How is Rudolph doing? How is Mrs. Claus doing? How are the reindeer doing? I want a fire truck. I would like a stuffed animal. I want a Rudolph stuffed animal. My grandma wants shampoo and conditioner. My baby brother wants a bouncy ball. My papaw wants a truck. I still live in the same house. I’ve been good.

Kaleb S.

Dear Santa,

I want bini boos for Christmas and my brother wants a ramot control helacoper and a ramot control semi with a ramper. My mom wants a unicorn and a murmad. My Mamaw wants a house on the beach with a pool and she wants a orange scilet. My papaw wants the same thing but not with the scilet. I like my elf Santa thank you for sending it. I named it Kallie and cause its in the Helton family it has the same names as me. Santa I could never find my elf for three days please try to find him

Your friend Kallie

Dear Santa,

How are the elves? My elf on the shelf is doing great. How is Mrs. Claus? How are you doing? What kind of cookies do you like? Chocolate chip or sugar cookie or something else? So let’s get to it for Christmas! I would like a skate board with elves painted on the bottom please. And a new bike. I am not doing a very good job at taking of my bike but I will take care of this one. Can you get my brother a minecraft pick please? My grandma needs a new pair of pj please. My dad wants a Santa poster. My dog a bone. I moved in August to 91 Nancy str. Be careful for my dog monster. He is not a real monster. You can come through the window or the door. I have been good. I have helped clean up.

Love Katelyn M.

ps. Please leave a Carmel in stocking.

Dear Mr. Claus.

My name is Makayla. Have you seen Rudolph? For Christmas can I have an American girl doll? Can get me ten Barbie dolls? Can you Cameron pokmon stachews. Papaw wants a new truck. Mamaw wants a new couch. Can you get my cousins a toy car to drive? Watch out for the cats and dog. There are two cat and dogs. They are cute. I have been good. What cookies do you like?

Love Makayla J.

Dear Santa.

How is Mrs. Claus? Be careful in your sleigh. Have you seen Rudolph yet? Have your elves been busy. I want a puppy please Santa. I want a new bike please. I want an electric scooter too. Please get my sister a robe. Please get my dad a hunting robe. Please get my mom a George Straight cd. Please give homeless people homes. My house is in Cloverdale. I do not have a fire place that is real so use the back door. I have tried my best to be good.

Your friend Makenzie M

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus? I bet they are fine. May I please have a Elsa and Anna Olaf dirt bike. I want a Frozen makeup and rail polish kit. I want to have a Elsa and Anna and Olaf jewelry box.

Mckenna S

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph? How is the reindeer? What is your favorite cookie? How is Mrs. Claus? I would like a tablet for Christmas. I would like a puppy for Christmas. I want a book for Christmas. My mom would like a necklace for Christmas. My sister would like a new tablet for Christmas. My other sister would like an i pod touch for Christmas. My dad wants a new pair of shoes for Christmas. My grandpa Thom would like a bag of preztels for Christmas. I still live in the house that you come to every year. Do not come down the chimney. Beware of my dog and my cat. I have not moved. I have been good. I want you to know my stockings are hung by the fireplace.

Love, Mackenzie F.

Dear Santa,

Who is the tallest elf? What is his or her name? What have you been doing? I well like you to be my pal. I want a bike and a pack of wrestlers. I do not know any families around. My family wants an electric blanket. Use the front door to get in my house. I’ve been good almost all year. I been kind to people too. You are a good man.

Artre’vion H

Dear St Nicholas,

How’s Rudolph? This Christmas I could use a nerf long shot. For my mom, dad needs a new craftmen drill my mom my needs a crockpot. Tommy can use some new clothes. Josia he’s my baby brother needs a new bed. Oh I forgot to ask for a new mountain bike and a hover board also my aunt wants a Volkswagen van. My uncle want’s a new saw. My grandma wants a glass shower door. What cookies do you want? I’ve been good! Watch out for Chevy and Stella.

Love Uriah B

Angie Raynard’s Second Grade Class 

Dear Santa,

I’m going to take a picture with Georgia and wrap it, so will you take it to him please? Are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Commit, Cupid, Donor, Blitzen, and Rudolph doing ok? What kind of cookies do you want for Christmas? I hope you have a safe trip around the world. Please get my mom a gel bike seat. My dad a bunch of Twizzlers. China a pair of ice skates. Israel a cat tower. Nalla a game box to lay on. Asia a large bone. Sasha a tub with a hole on the side big enough for him to fit in. Luca a yarn ball. Rica a large bone to. Caroline a bag of craft balls with sparkle strings on it. Kylie a yarn ball to. I would like a black and white striped kitten, a dog house, and a puppy.

Love, Asyria F

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph? I hope you have a good Christmas. Mom wants a garden gnome. Dad wants tools. Roxy wants a dog bone. Trouble wants a bunch of cat toys. Please bring Kayleigh a doll house. I would like a Jurassic World, Raptor, and some Legos.

Love, Austin S

Dear Santa,

Have a very good charismas this year! How Mrs. Claws is she okay? Are your reindeers okay? How are the elves? Do you like it there? My sister Taylor wants the game board clue, my sister Nicole wants an iPhone6, my sister Jess wants a sausage kit, my little neice Piglet would like some clothes, my little neice moo would like a Barbie house, and I would like a girl puppy, some Legos, and an Elsa castle. Joe would like a Play Station 4. Alex would like a surprise. My Granma and Grandpa would like a glass angel, my mom would like a blender, my Dad would like a new hunting gun.

From, Baye M

Dear Santa

How are you doing? How is Dancer doing? I hope that you can make it all around the world. Give presents to all of the good children. I hope that there will be hundreds of good children. I hope you are doing ok. My cat Roxy likes toys but not water!!!Sydney she wants a baby doll. Please bring Elizabeth some candy. My mom wants an owl that lights up. My dad wants tools for work. My grandma likes Jewelry. I would like an Xbox, Call of Duty black ops, and an iPod.

Love, Caleb H

Dear Santa,

Are the elves doing well? I hope they are. How are you? Can you tell the elves that I said hi? Also can you tell the elves that Braxton said hi? I have been good at school. For Christmas my dad wants a phone. My mom wants a phone too. Braxton wants a real tractor just the size for him. I want some Shopkins, a skateboard, and a new tablet.

Love, Callee S

Dear Santa

How are your elves doing? How is Santa doing? Have a good Christmas. Are the reindeer doing well? I’m going to have a good Christmas Santa. Please bring my brother Levy a new football. please bring my brother Austin a new basketball. Please bring my mom a new ring. Please bring my bad a new tool set. I would like a new football, I would like a new car, and I would like a new space ship.

Love, Chase G

Dear Santa,

What cookies do you want? Can you give my mom a necklace? Can you give Russ an assault rifle? Jacob would like Pokemon cards. Gavin would also like Pokemon cards. Memaw would like a necklace. Please bring me Pokemon cards, cars, and army guys.

Love, Conor

Dear Santa

How are you doing? How are the elves doing? Can you bring my sister a xbox360? Can you bring my brother some clothes? Can you bring my dad some tools? Can you bring my mom frontier? Can you bring me a new phone case, a new football, and a new basketball?

From, Desmond P

Dear Santa,

How are you? How are the elves? How is Mrs. Clause? How is the reindeer? I loved that stuffed turtle you got me last year. I’ve been good this year and last night when I went to bed. Thanks for Jolly. Santa will you get Saylor a big talking Everest toy please? Santa will you also get my mom for Christmas a frosty the snowman stuffed animal please? Santa will you get Chloe a stuffed animal for Christmas please? Santa my mammal would like a stuffed animal Olaf for Christmas please. Santa my papal would like a John Deere hat for Christmas please. Santa my nana would like a scarf for Christmas please. Santa Raymond would like a Disney Infinity 3.0 for his Xbox 1 please. Shadrack would like for Christmas Call of Duty Black Ops 3 for his Xbox 360 please. CJ would like for Christmas a Star Wars blanket, a bed sheet, and a Darth Vader stuffed animal for Christmas. I would Like a Star Wars Darth Vader jacket, Barbie dream house, a peak a boo penguin please.

Love, Erika B

Dear Santa,

Hi how are the elves doing this year? How are you doing in the North Pole. Do you like to ride the rain deer do you like being Santa. My mom would like a new car can you please get my mom a car. My dad would like some more hunting stuff can you please get my dad his stuff. Would please get me a next book8,Can you get me Monopole, a game called dead pool,

Love, Ethan S

Dear Santa,

How are the elves? How are you? I hope the elves are rapping well? I also hope that Mrs. Claus is having a great time in the North Pole? I wish you could get some presents to. Now I will tell you what the family wants for Christmas. Bailey wants clothes jackets mommy wants makeup. Daddy wants some tools. Logan wants toy trucks. I want Shopkins a new phone case and a new iPod case.

Love Gabby S

Dear Santa,

How are the Elves? Are the render doing good? Have a safe trip wall going around the world. How are you doing this year? My brother wants a phone for Christmas. My mom wants a new scarf. My dad wants a new toolbox. My grandma wants a new air mattress. My dog wants a bane. My cat wants a maws toy. I would like a PS4, A would like the new Batman game, and I would like the new battlefront game.

From, Harrison T

Dear Santa,

I wish you could get some presents to. I hope you will have a very merry Christmas this year!!! How is Mrs. Claus doing? How are the elves? Are the reindeer sick? Now I will tell you what the family wants for Christmas. Daddy wants some tools. Mommy wants blue jeans. Cooper wants basketballs. Markus wants video games. Sadie wants some yarn. I want a puppy, a life doll, and my life doll accessories.

Love, Jacie N

Dear Santa,

How are the elves? I have been good. My sister Ashly would like a car. Elizabeth would like a phone. Morgan would like a little car. My dad would like a pear phone. My mom would like a million dollars. I would like a phone, a go cart, and a surprise.

From, Justin P

Dear Santa,

How have you been doing? I hope you have been doing good. Please get Grant an air pump. My dad would like some tools. My mom would like clothes. I would like some Smash Bots, and Air Hog Jump jet helicopter, and a Nerf gun.

From, Kane G

Dear Santa,

How are you? How are the reindeer doing? Can you bring my Aunt Tanew flower vase? She really wants one. My uncle wants some new tools. My dad wants a new car and a new phone. I want Xbox, madden16, and a basket ball gole.

Love, Landon D

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? How are the elves? I hope you can get around the world safely. Can you get my mom a necklace? Can you get my dad an arrow head? Can you get Ricky an electric car? Can you get Maddelynn a real sewing machine? Can you get me a clock radio, some little kittens, and a baby doll?

Love, Makenzie F

Dear Santa’

How are Mrs. Claus and the elf’s doing? I hope you have a safe trip around the world. How are Comet and Rudolph and Dasher and Prancer and Cupid and all the other reindeer doing? My mom would like some bracelets. My dad would like some office stuff. My sister would like candy. And my brother would like a gun. I want my own bedroom, makeup, and toys.

Love Sarah N

Dear Santa, How are you doing? How is Mrs. Claus? How are the reindeer? How are the elves? Please bring my mom candy. Please bring my dad tools. Ian would like army guys. Thomas would like a toy. I would like a puppy, Legos, and candy.

Love, Savannah A

Dear, Santa How are your reindeer doing at flying around the world? What kind of cookies do you like? Please bring my dad Axe. Logan would also like some Axe. Gavin would like a sled. My mom would like a new scarf. I would like a hover board, a new Elsa singing doll, and an Elsa costume.

Love, Trinity T

Dear Santa, How are you Santa? How are the reindeer I hope they are good. What is your favorite cookies? You are cool. Can you get mom a new necklace for her? Can you get dad a new watch for him and sis a necklace for her too? I would like a girl guinea pig, a doll house, and a new collar for my Chihuahua. I love you Santa.

Love, Zepha C

Sam Brown’s Second Grade Class 

Dear Santa Claus,

I love your reindeer Rudolph. I want some stuffed animals. Thanks for letting adopt an elf. I love what you have under my tree. How is Mrs. Claus? I love the way you smile. How’s the snow up there.

Love Aubrey Y

Dear Santa Claus,

Santa I’ve been good this year. I want an elf for Christmas and a diamond armor Steve, Creeper, Enderman, Mindcraft zombie, diamond pickax.


Dear Santa Claus,

Santa I’ve been good this year. I want a Polaris Razor for kids and I want a four wheeler. I want a crazy cart and a remote control car. And I want hot wheels race track. Can you get MR.BROWN a patriot’s shirt for Christmas? I want a big wubble bubble ball. And American girl doll accessories I want Grace Thomas and bitty baby accessories for Christmas. Santa I will leave you some cookies and milk and some carrots for the Reindeers and I will leave a bag out for you then you can take some cookies home leave some cookies for Mrs. Claus and the elf’s. Have a merry Christmas I hope everybody was good this year.

Love, Cailyn G.

Dear Santa Claus,

Can I see if the reindeer are doing well? This year for Christmas I would like the game Mortal Kombat X. I would also like Lego people with a castle. Modern Warfare 3 and the toy slug terra.

Corbin L.

Dear Santa,

Santa Claus I want an Xbox 360 and an Xbox 1. And a elf on the shelf and 89 Legos. I want the fast and furious 7 and 6 and a movie also. I would like a new pair of Jordan and Nike shoes as well. I want a batman shirt and pants and shoes Santa I want and a new shirt.

Dalton D.

Dear Santa Claus,

I want Lego Jurassic Park. Dominant Rex Mom has been bad! The Elf on the Shelf needs to watch Mommy.

Your friend, Thomas R.

Dear Santa

Thank you for spreading joy to each and every boy and girl in the whole wide world. My brother and I are wishing for a puppy for Christmas. Can you please get us a boy puppy? Maggie needs somebody to play with. She has been playing with Ellie, and I think Ellie has had enough on her bones, she has Arthritis, and I don’t want her to be hurt. So please get her a buddy to play with. Thank you!

Your friend, Josey P.

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph? I want an iPod for Christmas. I am leaving cookies and milk for you. I want American girl doll.

Love, Brookelyn

Dear Santa,

Can you get me IPod? Piper has been very good. Those beans grew candy canes. I have been good this year. Can you send me an elf .Mr. Brown has been good. I want some new clothes. Can you get me a big goat kart? Can you get me an Xbox 360 and an Xbox 1? Can you get me a four-wheeler?

James B.

Dear Santa,

Thank you! I want Shopkins, an IU poster, and a doll. Thank you for all you do.

Your friend, Kaylie P.

Dear Santa Claus,

How are your reindeers and Mrs. Claus doing this busy time of the year? Is there a lot of snow there? I think I have been a pretty good boy this year so I would like to ask for some present please. I would like to have lots of Lego sets, and action figures. I would also like some X-Box 360 games to please.

Keagan M.

Dear Santa,

Can I have an elf on a shelf. How have you been Santa? Santa I have been a good boy this year.

Macyn R.

Dear Santa,

Have I been a good boy? Also how are your Reindeer? May I have Call of Duty Black 3? And a IPod, a Four Wheeler, a Motorbike, a football potato head, a football, a basketball, a basketball hoop, a WWE action figures, a Peyton Manning Bronco shirt, And the Movie SpiderMan2

Love, Max b.

Dear Santa,

I have been good so will you please get me these gifts. I want Angry Birds go Tele Pods and Hot Wheels RC, and Max Tow Turbo. Switch & Go Dinos Turbo and switch and go Dino, Lego of chamb Stich bots, Wubble bubble ball and Hover ball and a Elf and way can you call Them Eve,


Dear Santa Claus,

I want my little pony and a iphone 6, dirt bike and a Justin Bieber doll. I would also like Call of duty advance warfare too. How are the reindeer doing? How are the elf’s doing this busy time? I hope you have a safe trip and make it back to the North Pole on time.

Love, Mylei M.

Dear Santa,

I want a pink or blue four wheeler. I think I also want some craft stuff. Also, Shliech horses and Shliech dogs of course. I love your reindeer Rudolph. I also want some books for Christmas. My sister wants some board games like Mouse Trap. I want the American Girl doll Sage so much. I hope I’ve been a good girl and my sister. I want a new IPod. I want the big Breyer horses. I also want a computer so I can have Minecraft and Minecraft mods. Like the Mo ’creatures mod and the Deco craft mod. Maybe you could give my mom some credit cards. I’ll give her some Jewelry. I will also give my dad some socks and some hats. Will give the reindeer some carrots too. Merry Christmas! Last but not least I want the movie Shiloh.

Love, Paisley M.

Dear Santa Claus,

Could you get me a new IPod? I hope you have a good Christmas. Could you get me a card to Walmart? Could you get an Elf on the Shelf for me? I hope Piper comes back? Santa can you get an IPod for my sister Chloe? Can you get me a new stuffed bear? Have I been good? Could I get gifts? Can you get MR. BROWN a colt’s shirt? Can you get me a lot of SHOPKINS? Can you get me a new homework folder? Can you get me a lot of candy? Can you tell MR. BROWN to not give us no homework? Can you say to Mrs.Cluas? Can you get me some girl Legos? Could you give me some tools? Can you get me some Drum Drums? Can you get me a Computer?

Love, Payton W.

Dear Santa,

I want a 3ds for Christmas and also want a game called Super Mario 3d World. I would also like a game called Mario Cart please. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a safe trip.

Love, Preston S.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for getting me an elf. I named him Jingle. He hid candy canes. How are you doing? May I Please have an X Box, some Minecraft figures? Can I please have another elf? That is all I want for Christmas. I will leave you some milk and cookies and a carrot for Prancer.

Love, Reagan

Dear Santa Claus,

How is your reindeer? For Christmas I want an IPod .I want one more present, it is a snow board. My elf is fine! He is eating a lot. I hope you don’t fall off your sleigh or run into a sign. I hope you eat the cookies.

Your friend, Spencer N

Dear Santa,

How have you been doing this Christmas? How are your reindeer? May I have an iPod, a zoomer kite, a helicopter, and a Christmas coloring book? I want an Elf on a Shelf in my house. and a remote control monster truck. Have a good Christmas Eve!

Love, Sydney B.

Dear Santa Claus,

All I want for Christmas is NCAA 14, 15, 16, and Madden 14 and 15. How are your reindeer doing? Piper is the best elf this class has ever had. I wonder what you’re putting in my stocking. Remember that time you showed Mr. Brown his Christmas present and he had been bad. The whole class laughed Mr. Brown was so mad. It was also funny when Piper tied up Dave. Those candy canes were pretty good to. I also want a little Irish guy. The reason I want a little Irish guy is because Notre Dame is my favorite football team. IU is also my favorite football team. My favorite Basketball team is IU and Notre Dame is always my favorite team in any sports soccer, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and tennis any sport IU and Notre Dame will always but, I will always hate Purdue and the Patriots.

Love, Tyler S.

Megan Puckett’s Second Grade Class 

Dear Santa,

I really want a new tablet. I really need a Santa hat and coat like you. I also need new clothes for winter. My family really needs some clothes too. I would give you some cookies and milk for Christmas. For families that need give them some toys too.

Love, Alaina D.

Dear Santa,

I want a Playstation because it is very boring when the Xbox goes dead.

Love, Allen G.

Dear Santa,

I want the largest Hershey’s bar ever. I also want the gangster hat.

Love, Beau

Dear Santa,

I want a football shirt. I want an Xbox360. I want a football. I really want for you to bring my best friend over and I also want a dog too.

Love, Ben P.

Dear Santa,

The 1 thing I want for Christmas is a pair of boots. The 1 thing I really need is a new pair of tennis shoes.

Love, Breanna S.

Dear Santa,

I want a Project MC Square and a Bundle of Love Baby Doll. For my bubby he wants an Xbox 360.

Love, Brooklynn K.

Dear Santa,

All I want is one thing. All I want for Christmas is an American girl doll. I need a pair of boots too. Can you give gifts to other kids that do not have Christmas?

Love, Cheyenne G.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want Fallout 4 and I really need new pair of clothes. For Christmas give people who need it some presents and food please.

Love, Desmon S.

Dear Santa,

What I need for Christmas is a new backpack and some shoes. What I want for Christmas is a Pokemon cup, a charmander plush doll, a skylander blanket, a laptop, a computer for my brother, Pokemon x and y, an Ipad, a phone, a new scarf for my dad, and a bible for my mom.

Love, Dylan W.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want Shopkins. I also need a favor for the families that can’t afford anything they want. I need a new dress for winter if you can afford it. Happy Holidays!

Love, Emma W.

Dear Santa,

Can you give homeless people a house? 1 thing I want for Christmas is Plushies. 1 thing my family needs is to have a great CHRISTMAS!

Love, Faith B.

Dear Santa,

The only thing I want for Christmas is the new Dracula doll. My Mom needs a day off work and Dad. Santa I want two more things. One is Project MC Square and a Clod dene wolf doll the new one. My big brother wants an Xbox One.

Love, Gabby F.

Dear Santa,

I need an Xbox One for Christmas this year. I got all the games. I like celebrating Christmas. It is fun. I cannot wait til Christmas this year. I just can’t wait.

Love, Hudson

Dear Santa,

I really want a PS4 for Christmas and I think my brothers and sisters want one too. I need clothes too.

Love, Isiah B.

Dear Santa,

There are only 2 things I want. The first thing is a Batbot. I also want a game for the Xbox 360. It is called Farcry 4. The one I want the most is Farcry 4. I want you to give people who don’t have anything. I love you so much and this is the best holiday!

Love, Jay B.

Dear Santa,

I would like for you to help the people who do not have any food or clothes and my cousin Skylar to get food for her. I need new clothes for Christmas too.

Love, Kaliegha R.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like some Bead-o-Gems and Bead-o-Gems Shopkins. I hope you like the cookies we leave you. This year I think the needy families should get something too. I also think my family needs an Elf on the Shelf.

Love, Maisie M.

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is Beats and an iphone because you can listen to the song when you play the game. You can listen to music when you are playing the game.

Love, Nathan H.

Dear Santa,

2 things I really want is an Elf on the Shelf and a My Life pet butterfly. My Life is the people who made it. 1 thing I really need is a doctor’s appointment. My family needs to earn some money for Christmas.

Love, Sally

Dear Santa,

I want a phone for Christmas and I want it to be an iphone 6. I want facebook on it too and I want my friends numbers on it. I have been wanting that for ever and ever. I would like if the people who don’t have any presents to get some too please.

Love, Savannah W.

Dear Santa,

I really want a Project MC square for Christmas. I need new pjs for Christmas too.

Love, Tori O.

Dear Santa,

I really want an Xbox One. I really need pants.

Love, Xander

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