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Cloverdale School Board Reorganizes; Duane Huge Is President, Donna Fidler Vice President

by Amanda York
Staff Writer

The January students of the month for Cloverdale are, left to right: Josh Lang, Kelsey Helterbrand, and Savannah Hubble. (Staff Photo) The January students of the month for Cloverdale are, left to right: Josh Lang, Kelsey Helterbrand, and Savannah Hubble. (Staff Photo) The seven-member Cloverdale Community School Corporation Board of Trustees convened January 11th for its first meeting of 2016.

Several organizational items were first on the agenda, including the election of officers. On a nomination from Chris Mann, seconded by Vivian Whitaker, Duane Huge was selected to serve as the 2016 board president. Donna Fidler will take over the role of vice president and Vivian Whitaker is secretary.

The board maintained its meeting day and time as the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. and board compensation will be $2,000 per year, per member.

Debbie Rollings was appointed corporation treasurer and Lynn Lotz is deputy treasurer. The board voted to have the Law Office of Lewis & Kappes as the corporation attorney and to designate the Spencer Evening World and the Greencastle Banner Graphic for publication of ads and legal advertisement.

Following the organizational items, the board moved to approve meeting minutes, claims, and financial reports. Regular claims were approved in the amount of $1,162,680.90. Since the last board meeting there were three payrolls and a stipend payout to all non-certified teachers in the amount of $500 for fulltime and $250 for part-time. The payroll payout equaled $719,886.52 for a total claims of $1,882,567.42.

Moving on to communications, the board heard from the three building principals with the January students of the month.

Savannah Hubble is the student of the month for Cloverdale Elementary School. Savannah is a fourth grader and the daughter of Charles and Lisa Hubble. She lists her favorite subject as math. When she grows up, she would like to either be a singer or a doctor.

Mrs. Kemp said, “Savannah works diligently on all assignments. She puts forth 110-percent most of the time. She listens and follows directions the first time given. Savannah tries her hardest to not only do her work correctly but to do what is right in all areas of the school life. Savannah is always willing to give the teacher or a peer a helping hand and/or a kind word. She seems genuinely happy for others when they are successful.”

Josh Lang was named student of the month for Cloverdale Middle School. Josh is the son of Rex and Christy Lang and lists his favorite class as science. Josh would like to attend college and his dream job would be to be a video game designer.

Mrs. Rady said, “Josh is a wonderful young man. He is eager to please and always gives his best effort. I have been blessed to have him in class as a student in the past and the honor of coaching him in this year’s Christmas play. He makes everyone around him smile.”

Kelsey Helterbrand, daughter of Shawn and Bonnie Helterbrand was named student of the month at Cloverdale High School.

Kelsey is a junior and lists her favorite subjects as math and strength and conditioning. Her extra-curricular activities include FCA, student council, FFA, National Honor Society, softball, and basketball. Her future plans are to attend college and play softball.

Mrs. Nees said, “It has been an absolute pleasure having Kelsey in class. She is such a strong and determined young lady who is always upbeat and ready to learn. She does not let any obstacle stand between her and success. She meets every challenge head-on and tackles it with dignity and grace. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and always has a positive attitude. She is exactly what a student of the month should be.”

Next on the agenda the board heard a technology update from Cathy Ames and Steve Ricketts. A committee was recently formed, called the Technology Integration Committee (TIC). The committee, comprised of teachers from each of the three buildings, meets on a monthly basis. The committee noted the need for training for teachers and their ‘wish list’ for new technology pieces including possibly Google Chromebooks and/or Apple iPads for use in the classroom. The board also heard of the need to increase the bandwidth for Internet use within the corporation.

Next, the board held a public hearing on the proposed superintendent contract. The summary of the proposed contract is as follows:

•Base Annual Salary – $108,000.

•Contract term - July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018.

•A work year of two hundred sixty (260) days with annual entitlement of twenty (20) vacation days and ten (13) sick leave days.

•The corporation contributes an amount equal to three percent of the superintendent’s annual base salary to a retirement annuity plan.

•The same paid holidays as are provided to other full year administrators.

•Health insurance – As with other administrators, the superintendent will be eligible to participate in the group insurance plans. The school corporation pays the entire contribution except $1.00 toward the superintendent’s premiums for a family medical insurance policy.

•Life insurance – The corporation provides a term life insurance policy for the superintendent.

•Teachers Retirement Fund (TRF) – The school corporation pays the superintendent’s statutorily required TRF contribution, which is currently three percent of the superintendent’s base salary.

•Conferences – The school corporation pays all reasonable expenses for the superintendent to attend state and national conferences with prior board approval.

•Mileage reimbursement – The school corporation reimburses the superintendent for mileage for school business travel at the current federal rate.

-The school corporation will defend, hold harmless and indemnify the superintendent in legal actions involving incidents in which the superintendent was legally acting within the scope of his employment.

The only changes, according to Linton, was the addition of another year, taking his contract to June 30, 2018 and the addition of a $500 stipend for the 2015-2016 school year, the same stipend allotted in the claims for certified teachers.

A copy of the above information, giving notice of Monday evening’s public hearing on the proposed contract was published in the December 21st edition of the Spencer Evening World. The proposed contract will be up for a vote at the next board meeting on February 8th.

In other new business, the board moved to accept a Walmart grant for the Knoy Resource Center in the amount of $1,500. The board also approved several professional leave, field trip, and facility use requests. Four transfer-in requests were approved and one personnel item was approved, the employment of Jennifer Weist as a CHS part-time custodian.

The Cloverdale School Board will meet again on Monday, February 8, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Arthur C. Johnson Administration Building. This meeting is open to the public.

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