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Kim Fidler Announces Democratic Candidacy For House District 44

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Kim Fidler Kim Fidler Kim Fidler, who grew up in the Quincy area, graduated from Cloverdale High School and later taught at South Putnam High School, has filed her candidacy for Indiana House of Representatives District 44.

Fidler, a familiar face to many in Owen County, will run on the Democratic Party ticket, with intentions to challenge incumbent Republican Jim Baird (R-Greencastle) in the November 2016 general election.

“Indiana faces some significant problems. As a lifelong resident and mother of two, I am very concerned about the future of our district,” Fidler said. “We must improve infrastructure, our schools, and our economy. It is time for the voices of the people of our district to be heard at the Statehouse. We can no longer afford to just follow the dictates of political party leaders.”

Fidler has three priorities in representing the district:

•Listening to the people of House District 44 so that their interests are represented in the Indiana General Assembly on topics such as public education and civil rights.

•Working to bring good-paying jobs to our district while keeping the jobs that we have.

•Ensuring the rights of all citizens in District 44 are respected.

Fidler’s experience in education includes 16 years as a Spanish teacher at South Putnam and her past 10 years spent as a UniServ Director for the Indiana State Teacher’s Association.

“The voting record of our current state legislator does not adequately represent the best interests of the constituents in District 44,” said Fidler. “I have worked as a teacher and a UniServ Director in 35 school corporations over the past 26 years. I would vote only for a state budget that would adequately fund our district’s schools, rather than cuts that benefit schools in Indianapolis.”

Fidler feels that the civil rights of citizens in District 44 are not being protected.

“I have worked with many different groups to gather insight regarding RFRA (Religious Freedom Rights Act), the repeal of the Common Construction Wage, and attacks on teachers in traditional public schools. These are not the priorities of the people in our district and I will see that their voices are heard.”

Fidler is a resident of Greencastle and is the mother of two, Chelsea Fidler, 22 and Denny Fidler, 19.

“I’m tired of the current legislators’ need to ‘fix’ messes in Indiana that they have created,” she added. “A good legislator listens to constituents, votes the wishes of constituents, and does not need to fix laws that they have passed.”

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