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Steered Straight Group Returning To OVMS On Wednesday, February 25th

by Aaron LaGrange
OVMS Principal

With the help of local anti-drug abuse advocate Sharon Blair and the Spencer Lions Club, the group from Steered Straight visited Owen Valley Middle School earlier this year. Michael DeLeon spoke about his personal experiences with living a “normal” life and then entering into a world of drugs and addiction. That path led him to gangs, violence, and ultimately prison. We were impressed with Michael’s powerful presentation and noticed that a large number of students had their hands raised at the end of the session. Those hands resulted in a number of very meaningful questions and concerns that our students had about drug use, abuse, and addiction.

In seeing how many students had questions, Michael and his team stayed on through our lunches to get to each student who had a question or simply wanted to speak to him. The Steered Straight group is now coming back on Thursday, February 25th to do a follow up presentation with our students in the afternoon. They will then stay and give a parent presentation that evening at 6:30 in the cafeteria. That presentation is not just for middle school parents – it is open to any interested parents or community members.

We have issues with drugs in our community that our local law enforcement officers are dealing with every day. Whether it’s the good parts or the bad, our schools are a reflection of our communi- ties. We are doing this as a piece to help prevent that type of behavior in schools. As a community we need to make sure we do everything in our power to educate our students about drugs, making good choices, and the consequences that come from negative behavior like drug use. Knowledge is power and in this case, a parent, grandparent or neighbor having more knowledge on this subject could truly change a child’s path. Presentations like this aren’t a fix-all, but they are an important piece in helping the community have a better understanding of the potential dangers and what they can do to help.

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