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End-Of-Year And Summer Plans Approved By Cloverdale School Board Held On May 9th Meeting

by Amanda York
Staff Writer

The latest Cloverdale Students of the month are, left to right: Abby Hilton (CES), Kayla Kyle (CMS), Kaylyn Couch (CHS), and Jayci Maynard (CES). (Staff Photo) The latest Cloverdale Students of the month are, left to right: Abby Hilton (CES), Kayla Kyle (CMS), Kaylyn Couch (CHS), and Jayci Maynard (CES). (Staff Photo) The Cloverdale School Board convened May 9th for its final meeting prior to the close of the 2015-2016 school year.

After the approval of previous meeting minutes, claims, and financial reports, the board moved on to communications where they heard student of the month presentations. Elementary School

The April student of the month for Cloverdale Elementary School was Jaci Maynard. Jaci is a second grader in Mrs. Hall’s class and her parents are Cody and Whitney Wilkerson. Her favorite thing about being a second grader is learning new things and her favorite subject is math. Outside of school, Jaci is involved in wrestling. When she grows up, she would like to become a teacher.

Mrs. Hall nominated Jaci by saying, “Jaci is an outstanding student and citizen in the classroom. She always comes in with a smile on her face and does every activity to the best of her ability. Jaci makes good grades in the classroom and encourages others to do so as well. She is self-motivating and gets excited about learning new materials. She is kind, polite, hardworking, and the student everyone wants to be partners with. I am certain Jaci will continue to grow as a positive leader and be very successful because her ‘glass is always half full’ and that attitude is contagious to everyone.”

The May student of the month at CES is third grader Abby Hilton. Abby is the daughter of Jason and Rebecca Hilton. Her favorite subject is reading and her favorite things about third grade is recess. She recently won first place in the spelling bee and she plays second base in softball. She always enjoys playing basketball at home with her brother. When she grows up, Abby would like to become a doctor.

Mrs. Neese and Mrs. Wahl nominated Abby. Mrs. Neese said, “Abby arrives at school each morning with a smile and a quiet, positive attitude. She is extremely conscientious and puts forth her best effort on every learning opportunity, consistently producing neat and accurate work. She humbly offers to help peers and adults at our school in various ways. I can rely on Abby to make good choices and effectively follow through with any request.”

Middle School

The student of the month at Cloverdale Middle School for the month of May is Kayla Kyle. Kayla is a seventh grader and the daughter of Emmie Hinton and Kurt Kyle.

Kayla is a member of choir, played volleyball, and plans on trying out for cheerleading next year. She plays soccer in a league in Greencastle and attends Greencastle Christian Church and the Cloverdale Nazarene Youth Group.

In her spare time, Kayla loves to read. Her favorite class is language arts. In the future, she would like to attend college and is considering Indiana University or DePauw because they are close to home. She would like to become a writer.

Mrs. Gellert said, “Kayla is a very conscientious student. She is hardworking and sticks with it when the going gets tough. She is eager to learn and seems to always have a smile. Not only is Kayla very academically oriented, she is also a very nice person. She is always kind to her peers and always willing to help. I know Kayla can do anything she sets her mind to and therefore, the sky’s the limit for Kayla. I wish Kayla all the best in her future endeavors.”

High School

Kaylyn Couch has been named student of the month at Cloverdale High School for the month of May.

Kaylyn, a freshman, is the daughter of Mark and Sheila Couch. She lists her favorite subjects as agriculture and biology. Her hobbies and interests include basketball and band. She plans to attend college in the future.

Mrs. Meluch said, “Kaylyn is an extremely responsible student. She always makes sure that her work is done to the best of her ability and stays aware of what is happening in the classroom. Kaylyn works hard to make sure she always gives her best effort, whether she is in the classroom, participating in an FFA activity, hunting, or whatever else she puts her mind to! I have enjoyed getting to know Kaylyn over the years as her teacher and I am excited to see what other endeavors she seeks out during her high school career. I am sure that we will see some big accomplishments for her!”

After the student of the month presentation, the board heard from Mr. Dan Sulkoske with a project update. The high school track project and drainage were two main highlights of the update. With the replacement of the rubber coating on the track, the corporation would receive a seven to ten year warranty. The board also spoke at length about the drainage issues on the northeast corner of the track.

The corporation will seek board approval at its June meeting to resurface the track and will look further into the drainage issue and how best to address the issue at a later meeting.

Moving on to new business, the board approved several items for the end of the school year, summer school, and the upcoming school year. Items approved included the CES/ CMS/CHS handbooks and athletic handbook for 2016- 2017, the addition of another CHS summer school class and teacher, the summer band program, 2016- 2017 textbook rental and fees for CES and CMS, and math textbook adoption.

The board also approved a breakfast and lunch price increase of 10¢ per meal as instructed by the State.

The board approved numerous professional leave, field trip and facility use requests. In the final items of business, the board approved the followed personnel items including the retirement of long-time band director Bill Cole. Cole will continue to lead the band program through the summer months and will accompany students on the band’s planned trip to Washington, D.C. in July.


•Audrie Grimes, CHS English summer school teacher.

•Heather Nees, CHS summer school teacher.

•Dakota Jones, CHS band music arranger summer program.

•Angela Raisor, CHS band guard instructor summer program.

•Jake Stipanovic, summer school, part-time.

•Holly Ford, summer school. part-time.

•Debbie Atwood, summer school, part time.

•Jamie Porter, summer school, part-time.

•Dalton Atwood, summer school, part-time.

•Taylor Jones, summer school, part-time.

•Sharon Porter, CES/ CMS cafeteria part-time position. Maternity Leave

•Megan Puckett, CES teacher. Retirement

•William Cole, CCSC music educator. Resignation

•Kyle Ellis, CHS technology/ media center.

•Keith Troxal, CES/ CMS cafeteria.

Coaching/ Hire/ Volunteer/ Resignation

•Megan Puckett, CMS eighth grade volleyball coach.

•Debbie Atwood, CHS cheer coach.

•Christi Minton, CHS varsity volunteer cheer coach.

•Elizabeth Wardlow, CHS varsity volunteer cheer coach.

•Debbie Atwood, CHS varsity volunteer cheer coach.

•Traci Sharp, CHs JV volleyball coach.

•Maria Skiles, CMS seventh grade volleyball coach.

Cloverdale School Board members Donna Fidler, Daniel Hofmann, Duane Huge, Christopher Mann, Bobbi Nees, Rob Schroer, and Vivian Whitaker will meet again on Monday, June 13, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Arthur C. Johnson Administration Building, located on East Logan Street in Cloverdale.

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