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Law Changes Time Consumers Have To Title, Plate Vehicle After Purchase

Beginning July 1st, consumers will have up to 45 days after purchasing a vehicle to get the vehicle titled and plated. Previously, consumers only had 31 days to get the vehicle titled and plated after purchase.

To accommodate the change, paper interim license plates issued to consumers by dealers during vehicle purchases after June 30, 2016 will be valid for 45 days. In addition, automobile dealers will have up to 31 days after the date of sale to deliver a title to a consumer if the title cannot be provided at the time of the sale.

“The previous timeline was a tight turn around in some cases for dealers and consumers due to title transfers between banks and lenders,” said Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson. “By providing dealers and consumers with additional days, Hoosiers will be able to comply with the law without the stress and hassle of a time crunch.”

Previously, dealers had 21 days to deliver a title and paper interim plates were good for 31 days. The change in the law will provide dealers with up to 31 days to deliver a title, an additional 10 days.

Consumers will now have 45 days to get a vehicle titled and plated. Even if a consumer doesn’t receive a title from the dealer until the 31 day deadline, the consumer will still have 14 days to get the car titled and plated in their name.

Consumers who do not receive their title within the 31 day deadline should contact the Secretary of State’s office. Complaints may be submitted online at in.gov/sos/dealer or by calling 317-234-7190.

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