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County Submits Resurfacing Projects For State Grant Funds

by Michael Stanley
Staff Writer

No bridges will be submitted for matching grant funding from the State of Indiana, but the Owen County Commissioners will look to stretch $1,931,571 in road resurfacing work yet in 2016.

The county executive board is applying for a $1 million matching grant from the Indiana Community Crossings Matching Grant program. The commissioners and Owen County Council have secured a $1.3 million loan to cover the up front costs of the work, with hopes for the $1 million matching funds to reimburse a portion of the work. However, the commissioners have clearly stated the scope of resurfacing work would be reduced according to state funding. If the county were to receive just $500,000 of the $1 million sought in matching grant funding, the commissioners have told the county council that $500,000 of work would be cut from 2016 plans.

The proposed projects will be analyzed for quality and condition by grant reviewers and the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Commissioner Donnie Minnick and Owen County Highway Department workers have PHASER scaled each county road, which includes an approximate daily traffic flow for each stretch of road. Each road has been measured and given a five-year maintenance plan. Minnick, though, has also noted the amount of work to be completed is beyond what county crews can handle in 2016. The county will contract with E&B Paving of Bloomington to resurface nine roadways for an estimated total of $1,314,632.

Among the nine roads to be resurfaced by E&B Paving are:

• Beech Church Road, 1.109 miles for $61,503.75.

• Shepard-Patrick Road, 2.631 miles for $183,384.

• Gilmore Road, 3,711.84 feet or .703 miles for $48,996.29.

• Garrard Chapel Road, 15,655.2 feet or 2.965 miles for $206,658.

• South County Line Road, 1.889 miles for $165,784.

• Fiscus Cemetery Road, 1.229 miles for $158,544.

• River Road, 1.167 miles for $115,186.50.

• Wesley Chapel Road, .944 miles for $65,793.02.

• Little Flock Road, .634 miles for $38,697.75.

County highway crews will be tasked to resurface the following six paved roadways for an estimated total of $442,917.42.

• Cunot-Cataract Road, 2.746 miles for $149,011.92.

• Dunn Road, 1.772 miles for $108.060.75.

• Goose Creek Road, 1.162 miles for $70,922.25.

• Braysville Road, 1.108 miles for $67,567.50. • North County Line Road, .265 miles for $16,170.

• Lanes Road, .511 miles for $31,185.

Highway workers have already began work on Cunot-Cataract and Dunn roads.

Included in 2016 chip and seal repairs are the following five roads at an estimated cost of $174,021.31.

• Millgove Road, .764 miles for $14,133.98.

• Jackson Road/ Hubble Station Road, 3.551 miles for $65,678.33.

• Sutton Road, .511 miles, for $9,457.68.

• White Road, 2.519 miles, for $46,587.83.

• North Jones Road, 2.063 miles, for $38,163.49.

The commissioners’ plans to replace four bridges in 2016 have been reduced to likely two replacement projects utilizing the board’s cumulative bridge fund in an effort to resurface additional roads.

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