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100 Plus Men Of Putnam County Award $12,300 To Boy Scout Troop 99

Many of the members and leaders of BSA Troop 99 sponsored in 1939 by the First Christian Church Men’s Fellowship recently gathered to accept a check for $12,300 from 100 Plus Men of Putnam County. Troop 99 was selected as the recipient for 100 Plus Men’s sixth award on at the Inn at DePauw.

Troop 99 is the only Boy Scout Troop in Greencastle and is active, scheduling at least one camp outing per month to provide the boy’s outdoor skills and disciplines to build confidence and self-reliance. Dr. John Helmer’s explained during his presentation, “On a recent trip the Troop’s aging former U-Haul trailer from the 1960’s broke an axle on the way to a comp-out. He also pointed out in his remarks the importance of replacing aging to safety and efficiency.”

The leaders and the members of the troop gathered for the accompanying photo shared, “The leaders met for over 2 hours laying out a plan on how to use the money. We plan to utilize the award to replace equipment that is older than most of the boys in the troop.”

In addition, Todd Lewis a representative of 100 Men noted, “I believe we can safely say that all the 100 Men representatives present with Troop 99 feel very excited that Troop 99 was a great selection!”

The Putnam County group of 100+ MWC is one of many chapters nationally; and is an idea borrowed from others that is spreading across the nation. The organization will meet four times a year with each man contributing $100 each to a deserving local charity. In 2016, the membership of 100 Plus Men of Putnam County has reached 123 men who care about contributing to the community. In addition, the organization has partnered with the Putnam County Community Foundation for organizational support and the growth of endowed community funds.

Scott Davis, organizer of the organization related, “The concept of 100+ Men is simple. Through the power of numbers our donations will be combined to make an immediate, big impact in our local community.”

The board members of 100+ Men: Putnam County reside throughout Putnam County. Alan Zerkel, a board member from northern Putnam County observed, “100+ Men gives men who may feel that it is difficult to make a significant impact individually due to a busy life and other responsibilities the ability to make a meaningful difference and learn more about the many worthy community service programs and organizations serving Putnam County.”

Membership is still open for 2016. Men from all walks of life and different backgrounds are encouraged to join. Additional information and application forms can be found at www.100plusmen.com, email contact@100plusmen.com or call Scott Davis, 765.653.8663.

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