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Alaska Christian Church to celebrate 180 years on October 2, 2016

The year was 1836, and the wilderness in the State of Indiana was not the best place to be living. Wild animals running loose in the thick woods that surrounded the countryside. Indians still were out in force in the area, and the life of a pioneer was not easy.

A group of citizens of Owen and Morgan Counties came together, with the desire of hearing the word of God more often. Many times those pioneers held services in their homes, with neighbors who were close enough to be able to gather with them. It was at this time that the concerned few decided a church was needed in this area. Therefore, the Upper Liberty Church of God, was formed in 1836- just 20 years after the State of Indiana joined the union of states!

This group established an oblong, building with no windows just a central door with a large hearth, they have said, in the end of this building for worship. Men would bring their rifles as the fears as mentioned of the Indians coming thru the area. The ladies would cook the days before their finest meal of venison or wild bird, whatever the menfolk would supply and a large carry-in dinner would be held following worship at the church.

Rolling forward, to the year 2016, life has become more relaxed and more modern than the early days of Alaska Christian Church. This brings us to our celebration of PRAISE and BLESSINGS for our 180th year! This year has been one of excitement for our church family with many events being held time to time to celebrate our heritage. This letter gives us one more GRAND opportunity to do so in giving thanks to God and praises to HIM for our church.

Sunday October 2nd, 2016 ACC will have a Grand Celebration and we want YOU and YOURS to be present. We have several things planned for the day including an open house/get together with a light brunch at 9:15am that morning. At l0:00am we will gather in the Worship Center for a rousing old-time Hymn Sing, where you and yours “holler” out the page number. Much as years past here at ACC, where hymn sings would be a tradition. At 10:47am we will begin our CELEBRATION WORSHIP time with the old hymns of the church combined with the more modern choruses. Recognitions will be made; ones present will be asked to give memories of ACC from the years past, and special music will be featured! Preaching Minister Kevin Short, will challenge us to go forth for the Lord with another goal of reaching our 200th anniversary coming in 2036! And of course that fabulous ACC EATIN MEETIN PITCHIN takes place following this complete with Birthday Cake and Ice Cream!

Please Make plans NOW and circle the date to join us that day! A display is being planned of memories and YOU are invited to bring your memories also!

As the hymn goes “TO GOD BE THE GLORY; GREAT THINGS HE! HAS DONE! Bring your family and friends and COME HOME TO ALASKA this one SUNDAY and WORSHIP WITH US!

A special 180th anniversary booklet has been made that features 65 plus pages of church history, pictures and memories. One copy per family unit will be given out at the Celebration Services.

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