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Documentary features former Cloverdale coach

By Brent Ranard

The second winningest high school coach in the state of Indiana was honored this past Thursday at Cloverdale High School with the premiere of the documentary “Pat Rady – A Basketball Life.”

Hundreds of former players and colleagues of Rady’s from Bainbridge, Winchester, Southmont, Shelbyville, Terre Haute South and Cloverdale were in attendance and also among the stars of the two-hour film that encompassed all 51 years of Rady’s career. The documentary was narrated by Greg Rakestraw and produced by MTC Sports.

The film told the story of his coaching career that spanned six decades and included winning sectional titles in all six of those decades while piling up 761 victories.

None of the Rady family members had seen the film before Thursday night. Coach Rady and his wife Margaret addressed the crowd before the film and answered questions from the audience.

Rady was asked what one piece of advice he would give to a young coach who is just starting a career. “I would tell them to be a student of the game,” he said. “Watch a lot of film and go to as many games as you possibly can. Talk to some coaches that you feel are successful. I have never met a person that I did not learn at least one thing from.”

The film started with Rady’s first season as a head coach at Bainbridge. They only won six games and the first year coach thought about calling it quits. Two things happened that would change his life. He went on to coach the next year and he met Margaret when they had their first date at the state finals following his first season.

“I was a jerk,” Pat Rady said in looking back at his first evening with Margaret. “I am not sure how I ever got a second date.”

Margaret explained. “He kept telling the other coaches how he thought his team could get to the semistate next year and ignoring me,” she says in the film. “I was thinking, ‘What a hot dog.’”

Things worked out and they married, and the Bainbridge Pointers went on to win the semistate the next year. The team was led by Larry Steele, who went on to the University of Kentucky and the National Basketball Association.

Margaret has been a rock in Pat Rady’s life and they have been happily married for more than 50 years. Rady realized that he has been blessed with a lifelong fan and supporter. “Being a coach is the best profession in the world,” he says. “Being a coach’s wife is the worst profession in the world.”

Another interesting story that was told in the film was of the gym doors at Bainbridge being painted in Greencastle colors and with derogatory comments toward the Pointers. It was revealed that two of the Bainbridge cheerleaders, one in attendance Thursday night in her letter sweater, had done the deed after being encouraged by Rady.

The Greencastle principal even called to apologize for the incident and the Pointers rallied to beat the Tiger Cubs for the sectional title later in the season.

One incident that caused problems in the Rady household was when the coach had to cut his son, Patrick – now the head coach at Cloverdale, from his Terre Haute South team when he was a junior.

“It was a tough time.” Patrick Rady recalled in the film, “Dad had to put on his coaches hat and make the best decision for the team. We had some great players and looking back now, I can see he made the right decision.”

Looking back on Coach Pat Rady’s storied career, one of his quotes seems to sum it all up. “It is not about the Xs and the Os,” Rady says, “It’s about the Jimmys and the Joes.”

The film was very entertaining and would make a great gift for any fan of Indiana High School basketball. Like the opening remarks mention, “In 49 other states it is just a game, in Indiana it’s a way of life.” You can get your copy from the MTC sports website at http://www.mtcsports.net/. Cost for the documentary “Pat Rady – A Basketball Life” is $19.99. Delivery takes three to four weeks.

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