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Letters to Santa

The second graders at Cloverdale Elementary have written letters to Santa expressing their wishes for Christmas. Following are the letters as they have written them.

We have eliminated separate paragraphs in order to save space.

Angie Raynard’s Second Grade Class 

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs. Claus doing? I liked what Tickle was doing today. My Dad would like a now four wheeler .My Mom wood like a , Bracelet. and,My Brother would like a , spiderman bike. I would like a, half shoot,a blower and, a halter for my heifer.

From, colby

Deer Santa,

How are you? .When is my elf going to come? because no elf came last year. Mom wants a new phone. Mark needs new glasses. Xander wants new games. I want legos,a sister,and a phone.

Form Aiden.

Dear Santa,

I have been good . I wonder when my elf is going to come .i like what you brought me last year . how is mrs. claus? .my Mom would like a kitchen aid mixer for christmas. my Dad would like some tools . my Brother would like some farm stuff . and my Sister would like paw patrol stuff. And would like a American girl doll house ,a nice one and a hatchimal ,and a ,puppy.

Your friend, Alexis

Dear santa

My mom wons a necklace. Can my brother william have a hat? Can my other brother Dason have a dog? can my Dad have a car? Can Red have a necklace too? Can I hav lite bugs, a, dog, and a new phone?.

Form Anthony

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer?How are you?How is Mrs.claus. My step mom would like a neklece.My dad would like a chainsaw.Mom and Chad would like a tv.Maggie would like a ball.Maisie would like a hair brush. Peyton would like a cemistry set.Clayton would like a basketball. Landon would like a toy tractor.Kolton would like a train set.I would like a toy fire truck,a fire truck bed set,and new clothes.

Love, Braydon

Dear Santa ,

How is Mrs.claus how is the elfse how are the reindeer? Dad wants a ps4 controller. Mom wants a book. My sister wants a lego set. I want an xbox 1 si ,a ps4 ,and a xbox 360.

Love Christian

Dear santa

How are you? Mom Dad I would like an AVATAR game, a avatar movie and all of the toys off avatar.Savannah would want a Barbie doll. Mom would like a necklace. Thomas wants a thomas the train toy.

From, Ian

Dear Santa,

When is my Elf going to come. I wonder what I’m going to get for christmas. My Mom wants a beautiful necklace that has a heart that opens up and shows a picture of the family. My Dad wants the money to buy a bigger house. Hayden would like a new bike. Preston would like some new little trains. My sister would like some baby dolls. I would like a watch, books and a hatchimal.

From Eric

Dear Santa,

I liked the stuff that i got last year. Thank you.My mom wants a clean up thing. Mikey wants a guitar. My brother wants a iTunes card.. My sister wants an iPhone. I want a dog, iphone 5, and a skate board,

Sincerely, Haley

Dear Santa,

How is the elfs? How are you? My mom would like cleaning stuff. My dad would like a quad. My brother would like a quad. My sister would like a dog. I would like a spa, monkey, and a mini car for kids.

Love, Hannah

Dear santa,

I liked the presents that you got me last year and so did my brother. .I wonder when my elf will come. .My dad wants a car.My mom wants a cat. My brother wants a new trampoline.I want a fast car,a gopro,and lots and lots of balloons.

Love Jude

Dear santa,

How are you today? Is the elfs doing good? my mom wants a dog. my dad wants some new shoes. my aunt wants a $1000 ring. my little cousin Callie wants a minnie car. my little cousin Bryce wants a fire truck. my uncle wants a pair of shoes. Makayla wants a new speaker. Adreanne wants a phone. I want a ps4 ,book and, hatchable.

Love, Kaydence

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs.Claus? I wonder if my elf will come. I wonder if I have been good this year. How are your reindeer? My Mom would like some new books.My Dad would like some new tools.My Sister would like a new toy collection.My Little Brother would like some new toys like a army set. For christmas i would like a new hatchimal, the new lion guard set, and a new tablet.

From, Kaylee

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl this year and I really like christmas. My mom wants a necklace. for christmas and my sister wants a dog for christmas . I want a skywalker,phone, and a toy troll.

From Keely

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Blake wants an Air Hawk. Isaac wants a new NFL game. Mom wants a her sprayer. Dad wants now tools. I want an xbox 360 and games, wii u, and an ipad.

From, Keith

Dear Santa

How are you doing and how is Mrs, Claus? I have been good this year and my elf is silly. My mom would like a necklace. my dad would like a Toy chevy model. My brother would like a toy train. My sister would like a baby doll. I would like a tablet, an xbox 1,and a thinkpad.

From Kylar .

Dear Santa,

Santa i was wondering if i ben good. this year i was wondering when my elf in the shelf. Was coming back santa my mom she wants for christmas she wants a new phone her boyfriend wants a new phone for christmas. my dad would want a go kart for christmas. i would want a skateboard, a bigger drone, and a snowboard.

From, Lane .


How do you get down my chimney? Does the elf come on december the1? my mom wants a cat my brother wants a fat cat. my dad wants a 308 gun. my sister wants a pet bunny. i want a millimeter, ibot,and air hogs.

Love mason

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year but my elf has been naughty. He got on my brothers hover board and the next day he got in the china cabinet. Today he was playing with my brothers head phones. My mom needs school supplies and my dad needs some new chargers for his computer. Michel wants some shoes that are black and red. Matthew wants a traxis. I want a opening fairy door, pie face showdown, and a hatchimal.

From Meghan

Dear Santa,

Thank you so much the gifts last year. You were so kind to give us all the toys. My Mom wants a new ring please give her one. My sister wants a baby doll. My daddy wants new tools please. And i want a doll, a dog,and a cat.

Love, Nevaeh

Dear Santa,

I think I have been good. how are you? when is our elf coming? soon I am going to get a christmas tree. My mom and dad would like to have a couch Liam would like some more xbox games. Isaiah would like to have a quad. I would like three things. They are new nintendo games,a new 2ds with 2ds games, and the last thing i want is a roblox for the wii u please.

From Owen

Dear Santa ,

How are you doing? I am fine. I love santa he the best he is amazing.My mom wood liked a neckace . My dad wood liked a four wheeler. My brother will like a toy car. I will liked a dolphin pillow ,a flip o zoo, and a robot cat,

From Skylyn

Dear Santa,

I hope you have a good christmas and all the elfs too. But the thing I want most out of you is to give me a good christmas. My brother ob would like a farcry 4 game for christmas. Garrett and ob would like a youtube acount. Joeil and gabby would like a new makeup set. Kendel would like a sewing machine. My mom would like a necklace that has her name on it. My dad would like a book of the whole texan team on their football cards. I would like vip tickets for my family and me for the texan game, farcry primal, a new rockzilla controller.

Sincerely, Thomas

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs.Claus? How is Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen and Comet and Cupid and Donner and Rudolph? My mom would like golden limited edition earrings. My dad would like a real harley davidson. My grandpa would like hiking boots. My great grandma would like goofy toys. My grandma Pam Sells would like limited edition precious moments. My baby sister would like elmo toys. I would like Super Mario Bros for the nintendo 3DS, a dream catcher, and a picture of Santa with his autograph on it.

Love, Patrick

Dear Santa,

How are doing? If you wonder how I am doing, I am doing well. I’ve been good this year. Mom would like new furniture for Christmas. Dad would like a new chair. I would like football cards, a football helmet, and NASCARs.

Sincerely, Kenwood

Sheryl Hall’s Second Grade Class 

Dear Santa,

What are your favorite cookies? Where are you going to put the presents? What are your elves doing right now? I have been bad but I am doing better. I want a video game because I like playing games. I want the toy my little pony. I want to give my mom a necklace then give my dad a new ladder. This is how to get in. Please use the front door because we don’t have a chimney or you can use the other door because the first door could get locked. So you can use the other door. Give my little brother a toy car. I want a toy car that fits my size because I never had one.

Love, Aiyanna

Dear Santa,

Is it cold at the North Pole? Santa is it fun there? I´ve been good because I have stop eating fast. I been bad because I fight with my brother. I want an xbox1 for Christmas. Can I have a Playstation? I want a Broncos Von Miller jersey. Can you give my mom a brand new car? Can you give my dad a Broncos poster? You can get through the door. You can get through the window. You can go down the Chimney but be careful. Is Rudolph ok? What is your favorite toy? Don´t go through the front door.

Love, Anthony

Dear Santa,

What kind of hot chocolate do you like? Are the elves hard at work . I have been ok and I’m working on being better. My sister has been so mean to me . Come in my back door . I want a chip for my rc car and a controller . I want some parts for cars . Can I get some spray paint for my cars? Want some truck legos. Want same car legos. I want Watch Dogs 2. My dad wants some games for the xbox 1. My sister wants some Barbies. My mom wants more money.

Love, Brenton

Dear Santa,

How is Chester doing? Is he really busy? When is he coming back? I have been good because I have been doing my laundry. I have been doing my chores. I helped decorate too. Can I please have nom nums? Can I please have Shopkins? Can I please have the Santa Buddies movie? Can you please get my mom a necklace? Can you get my pa next door an owl shirt? Can you get my grandma a flower decoration? You can get in my front door? I will leave it unlocked or my backdoor.

Love, Caraline

Dear Santa,

I am good at home. For christmas I want a puppy please. I would give my sister a ninja turtle. I would get it from my mom or dad? I would love my presents. I do not have a chimney. What would you like for cookies? Can you put the presents under our tree? I would give you a glass of milk too. I would give Kaylee a baby doll too and I will give Kimberlee a set of fake food. You can come in the back door. Is it cool at the North Pole? I wish I could come with you but I can not come. I have a good teacher.

Love, Carlee

Dear Santa,

I will leave you cookies and milk. Where are you going to put the presents? I have been good this year. I have been really good. For christmas I want pokemon cards. I want a toy car. My mom wants a new house. Can my mom have a new house? Can my dad have a garden hoe? Can my brothers have games this year? Can my grandma have a blanket? Can my uncle have a new car? Can my papaw have a new tractor? Can my aunt Toshe have a new kitchen? Don’t go through the chimney. I will keep the door open for you.

Love, Colby

Dear Santa,

What kind of cookies do you like? I want a real big four wheeler. How is Oli Pop, my elf, doing? I want a remote controlled helicopter.

Love, Corbin

Dear Santa,

What is it like at the North Pole? What are the elves doing? Is Mrs. Claus baking cookies? I am being good. I have been listening to my Parents. I want a nerf gun and a new pair of boots and a new shirt. My dad wants a new tool kit and my mom wants a quilt and my grandma wants a pair of slippers. Don`t go through the chimney. Don`t go through the door because we lock it.

Love, Curtis

Dear Santa,

Is Rudolph doing ok? Are the elves working hard? What is the North Pole like? I have been good because I listen to my parents and I do my homework. I want a new drone because I can fly it. I want a new sled because I can go sledding. My dad wants a new shit. My mom wants a new necklace. My dad wants a new hat. I will leave my door unlock.

Love, Levi

Dear Santa,

Should I leave Rudolph an apple that is less sour this time? Do penguins and polar bears come to your workshop and bother the elves? Are chocolate chip cookies your favorite cookies? I’ve been good and bad. I’ve been good because I’ve been polite. I’ve helped with my brothers birthday and thanksgiving and I’ve tried crab legs. I’ve been bad because I let my baby brother out of my room and he went into my mom’s and step dad’s room and spilled pop on her floor and bed. Can you give my mom pretty jewlery? Can you get my brother a zoomer kiddie or zoomer mouze? Can you get jc a new rooster ? I can put a picture of a chimney under the stocking and a heater. I’ll leave the door unlocked. I’ll leave the window unlocked.

Love, Lynne

Dear Santa ,

What is your favorite kind of cookies? I have been good for helping my mom. Which kind of cookies do you like? I want a dirt bike and a track with cars and a new football. I want a new kitchen for my mom. What is the North Pole like? You have to go through the window because the back and front door are locked. Are the elves working hard? You can put the presents under the tree. Is Rudolph feeling better? How is Mrs. Claus doing at the North Pole?

Love, Drake

Dear Santa

What is the North Pole like? Have the elfs been busy. How are the reindeer doing? I have been good. I pick up house poop with a stall fork and I take care of my horse too. What I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. I want a fly scooter and I want to keep Shelly. That is the most important thing of all. Can you get shoes for the carestore kids? I want to give my mom and dad a ring. If you want to get in you can come in from the window of the door.

Love, Elaina

Dear Santa,

How old are you? What kind of cookies do you like? Santa I’ve been bad this year because I don’t listen to my mom. I want nerf gun. Please Santa I want a cross. My mom wants a coffee maker. My dad wants new boots. Go into my chimney but there’s a fire sometimes so go through my front door then. What tempature is it up there? I want a stuffed polar bear. My sister wants a necklace.

Love, Eli

Dear Santa,

What are your favorite cookies? Santa what is the North Pole like? What animal do you like? I have been good lately. I have been listening. I will never be bad. I will not have a fight. I will not jump on the couch. Can you please get me a kitten and a toy that acts by itself and an xbox1 skyrim? Can you get my mom a purple necklace? Can you get Rachet a cat toy? Can you get Zaydin a fake sword? Do not use the chimney. Use the slide and glass door.

Love, Felicity

Dear Santa,

Why do you live in the North pole? How are the Reindeer? I have been good at getting up. I was good at school. I would like a Y fly scooter. I would like a xbox 1 and controllers. Mom would like jewlery. Dad would like some sleep. You can get in by the front door. You can get in by the chimney.

Love, Guthey

Dear Santa,

What is the North Pole like? How have the reindeers been? Have the elves been good? I am good in school. I want a big doll house. I want a big Hello Kitty. I want new pjs. I want new socks for Cortnie. I want new clothes for Eric. I want a new blanket for my mamaw. I’ve got a chimney but be careful because I have a dog.

Love, Harley

Dear Santa ,

How is the reindeer? Santa have I been good or bad? I been good because I care for my mom. What I want for Christmas is Bakugan. What I want for Christmas is pokemon cards. What I want for christmas is yugioh. Can you get my mom a necklace? Can you get my mom 3 bracelets? Can you get my mom 2 more presents? You can come in my house from the door. You can come in my house from the chimney. You can come in my house from the front porch. You can come in my house from the back porch. You can come in my house from the window. What kind of cookies do you like santa?

Love, Hunter

Dear Santa,

What cookies do you want? What is the North Pole like? How are the elves? I have been bad but I’m trying to be good. I want football cards. I want a bb gun. I want a lot of twix. Please give my papa a Steelers jersey. Please give my mom a flat screen tv. Please give my grandma a stove. I want a RC car. Is Ms. Claus doing well? Is Rudolph’s nose still glowing? I want a computer for Christmas. I will leave the special key on the porch.

Love, Jace

Dear Santa,

What is your favorite cookies and your favorite milk? I want to know why do you make toys? Why do you live at the North Pole? I want a Chucky Doll from the Movie and a curse of Chucky from the movie but not Live one. How is Rudolph ? How is Dasher and Dancer and Comet and Cupid and Donner and the famous reindeer of all Rudolph?

Love, J.J.

Dear Santa ,

What is the weather like in the North Pole? Santa, what is your favorite kind of cookies? Santa I’ve been good because I helped my grandma. Santa and I’ve been good too because I helped my sister. Santa I want a hoverboard. Santa I want a ps4. Santa I want work boots. Santa can you get my sister a hoverboard too? Santa can you get my mom a necklace? Santa can you get my grandma a blanket? Santa you can get in my house by the front door or the back door. My dogs might bark. You can go through the window Santa and I will leave it unlocked. You can go through the garage.

Love, Keenan

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph? How is Mrs. Claus? What is the North Pole like? I bet it is so cold!! I am Good because I help my mom. I want a doll because it so cute and caring. Can my mom have perfume. Can my dad have a camo blanket? Can my brothers have a game like Grand Theft Auto? Can My grandma have a new phone? Can my dogs have a toy benkey? Can my Grandpa have a phone? You will need to come in through the back door at our house because we don’t have a chimney.

Love, Mercedes

Dear Santa,

What does the North Pole look like? Is it big or is it medium or is it small? Have I been good or bad? I want a go cart. I will keep my door unlocked for you to get in. My sister would like a doll and a doll house. My brother will want a remote control monster truck. My mom wants a new tv and my dad wants a new game. My sisters and my brothers would like a good christmas and an Xbox 1 and The Secret Life of Pets.

Love, Peyton

Dear Santa,

I want a puppy and a new pig. I want a gold bow please.

Love, Ryan

Dear Santa,

Is there any animals at the North Pole? Also is there any water? I have been good this year. I have been helping my cousin and I have been helping my Grandma too. What I want for Christmas is a psp and beats. Can you get my mom a tv and a phone? You can use the back door to get in.

Love, Tyree

Dear Santa,

How is it at the north pole? Are the elves busy ? What are the elves doing ? I have been good by doing good at school and at home . I have been kind to other people. I am a good listener. I want a stuffed animal and an xbox one and xbox 360 games and xbox one games. I want a drone too. I want a pillow for Eli’s mom. I want to get Anthony’s mom a blanket. Go through the front door or the window or the back door or any window.

Love, Wyatt

Sam Brown’s Second Grade Class 

Dear Santa,

How have you been?.I want a race car and a remote control dirt bike. Please give me some Jordan shoes and a Drone. I will leave you some cookies and milk and feed for the reindeer. Thank you very much Have a Merry Christmas!

Love, Abraham M.


How have you been this Christmas? I want a bike and D..S, please. Can I have a Fathead Basketball poster? I want a pottery wheel,a iphone,a robot pig that repeats everything you say, please.I want a Zoomer Kitty, and a radio I want a skateboard with dragons on it, lego horse, a real horse that is baby. .I want a whiteboard and a teacher kit. THANK YOU SANTA!

Your friend, Alanah G.

Dear Santa,

I want Five Nights at Freddy’s 1234and5,Iwanta G mod ,xbox360,Ipad, Lego Deathstroke, Lego Batman, Scarecrow Harvest of Fear, Lego Batman Killer Croc,Sewer Smash,Lego, and a Blue Beetle

Your friend, Blake A,

Dear Santa,

How are you? I want a drone for Christmas,I also wanta4wheeler,ahelmet for it. I also want all of the Young Justice toys. and Five Nights at Freddy’s toys.I would like a Xbox 1,Halo 2,3 and 5 games,PS4,- clothes ,shoes movies and Santa toys.. Merry Christmas Santa!

Your friend, Brayden G.


How have you been? For Christmas I want a tablet, Shopkins, and a Iphone, Would you also please get me a picture of a dog. My dad wants a tool box. For my mom I want a jewelry box, my brother would like a toy car I want a Zoomer Kitty ,a toy dog and some clothes, please. Also, give me a stuffed Santa, some shoes, and a toy baby doll. Thank you!

Your friend, Chelsey

Dear God.

How are you doing today? People think that you are not real . I believe that you are. What are you doing up there in the beginning? You created the heavens and the earth,

Love, Dameon.


How have you been? What I want for Christmas is a xbox 360,Lego Dimensions, a tablet and remote-control car that can go on mud, rocks, and water.I would also like a remote-control helicopter,a Ds, Batman Lego 2 and 3,an ipod, and a computer.

Your friend, David Thompson.

Dear Santa,

How are you? I want a ball, a xbox 360, Minecraft game for Christmas I would love Lego Dimension,doll house, puppy dog, a toy Chip dog, a American Girl doll, a toy cat, I will leave you sandwiches.

Your Friend, Elizabeth S.

Dear Santa,

How have you been? I want for Christmas Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, Gmod, Five Nights at Freddys 1, Minecraft. Some family games, I would also like Five Night’s at Freddy’s 4 Wipeout Pokemon,and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.

Your friend, Jayse B.

Dear Santa,

I want a Lego Batman and Robin set or a remote control Batbot.I would also like an Xbox1 or a PS4,a puppy,Pokemon and lego Dimesions.Id like to have a remote control Batmobile ,a Lego set with Antman , an ipad and a cat.I would like a Harry Potter figure, a iphone or a Galxys7, Please bring me a 3ds or a computer , Batman vs Superman figures.I would also like Pikachu figures,hot wheel cars,a Buzz lightyear and Woody figure. Thank you!

Your friend, Joseph W.

Dear Santa,

How have you been? I hope you have been great! Please help Dad come back on Christmas . I want a race car ,lego set, transformers, Minecraft, xbox360,and craftset.

Your friend, Josh Gao

Dear Santa ,

How have you been? What I want for Christmas is an American girl doll clothes,Shopkin legos, and art stuff . My mom to get that job! I would also like a guitar and another American girl doll named Lea. I would also like some restraunt stuff,A play computer and a gymnastics sign.My last thing I want is my dad to come back. Have a great Christmas! Thank you.!

Your friend, Julia Y.

Dear Santa,

How have you been? I want hot-wheels, a remote control car, Nike high tops, headphones, a drone, and a phone. That’s what I want for Christmas.

Love Kaleb.H

Dear Santa, How have you been? I want a remote control truck, xbox1 with a halo 5 game, a drone, and a golden retriever. Can I pet Rudolph? Can i have 200 score tickets?

Your friend, Kaydin G.

Dear Santa,

How have you been, Santa? I want a ipad,a toy race car, a rc plane,a motorcycle, a Wii u with a gamepad, games for the Wii u ,and a Minecraft for the Wii u

Your friend, Landen

Dear Santa,

I want an American Girl Doll, flowers, dogs, cats, books, and some goats too. I want some books with stickers, ear phones, some, water bottle and a xbox, 1 Please!

Love Lexie M.

Dear Santa,

For Chrismas I want Lego minecraft,a American girl doll,Shopkins and lps. I would also like a drone, connect sand,at ablet and Harry potter stuff.If I could I would like Dimensions, a new Samsung Galaxy s4 phone case,and fnaf plush toys. Zoomer kitty, the dog Georgie,spy gear,the ds game Sun and Moon, Please bring me Minecraft story mode, Ps4 Black Ops 3 for my brother.I need a jewelry box with jewelry,a hoverboard, Skylanders and Pokemon stuffed animals. I would like Monster High dolls,Beanie Baby stuffed animals,and new clothes.I also would like a snowboard and Pokemon ds games. Have a very nice Merry Christmas! Thank you Santa!

Your friend, Lillie PC

Dear Santa,

How have you been? I want a pig for Christmas. I would also like some clothes too. Please will you give me a x box and a American Girl. Also, can I have a barbie doll too? Can I also have a plastic horse, and the last thing I want is a Shopkins.

Your friend, Maddie W.

Dear Santa,.

How have you been? What I want for Christmas is a drone, and remote control airplane .I would like a battery for my remote control car, please. Santa. I also would like a snow scooter.

Your friend, Marcus B.

Dear Santa,

How have you been? For Christmas I want a d.s,pottery wheel, Math facts,some clothes for Sam,and some hats too. I also need some new toys for my dog. A hat for dad,a bike for mom, some video games for me and my brother. I want a scarf for Mrs.Welch, Patriots sign for Mr.Brown, some clothes for my Gracie doll, For my grace doll.I need some storybooks too. I will leave you some cookies. Thank you!

Your friend, Gracie L.

Dear Santa,

How have you been? What I want for Christmas is a hat and Shopkins. I want to to have a car and I want to play in the snow. I want a snowman and I want some presents.

Your friend, Savannah S.

Dear Santa,

How have you been? I am good.I want a lego iron man figure and a Hulkbuster lego. I would also like a playset from the movie Ironman where it gets destroyed. Thank you Santa! Have a good day! We will leave you some milk and cookies.

Your friend, Trevor R.

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