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Vandeventer book is ode to Hoosiers

Larry Vandeventer is a big Paul Harvey fan. His homage is such that he has modelled his latest book upon the style of his hero. But the book has only one focus - the importance of being a Hoosier.

Instead of Harvey’s .... “And now you know ... the rest of the story,” the short tales within the folds of his latest volume end with, “And there you have ... another Hoosier moment.” In fact, that’s the name of the book. As one finishes each of the 93 essays, and that line edges into the peripheral vision, one can almost hear Harvey’s hypnotic timbre narrating the finale.

Or in the case of those who meet him, Vandeventer. He is a storyteller on the page and in person, reciting by rote the exact wording of the entries in the book. Each story begins as a mystery, then a lesson in history, with a lot of fun coloring the sentences. And then ... the big reveal.

For instance, a reader learns of how a chance encounter on a train caused one man to write one of the most popular and memorable books of all time, along with the fascinating story about an African American slave in Vincennes who sued and won her freedom when Indiana became a state.

Vandeventer, who lives in Plainfield, says “And There You Have Another Hoosier Moment” is the result of wandering the highways and byways of Indiana and exploring the history and mystery of the state. It is a collection of stories about Hoosiers that may be amusing, surprising, intriguing, and revealing of little-known facts.

And helping to stitch those pieces together is Vandeventer’s wife of 58 years, Wanda. “She’s the editor,” he said, giving her a playful nudge.

That kind of writer/editor relationship has seen the couple through six previous books, published with AuthorHouse of Bloomington: “Bumps in the Road,” “Life in the Past Lane,” “There is a Booger in There and Other Little Audrey Stories,” “You Might Be a Geezer,” “Dr. Larry’s Patented Home Remedy,” and “A Red Sea of Red Tape.”

Vandeventer has also written news for the Worthington Times, and is a current columnist for the Spencer Evening World, and newspapers online publications in Mooresville, Martinsville, Linton and Worthington.

The prolific storyteller has had an interesting and diverse life from which to glean material. He is a graduate of Worthington High School, was a fulltime minister for 10 years, then went on to college and afterwards taught language arts and social studies. He has been an assistance high school principal, a principal, and an assistant school superintendent. He studied for his PhD at Indiana State University and became assistant superintendent of curriculum. He was a professor of graduate education at Indiana Wesleyan University. He currently teaches online for a world bible school out of Texas.

To learn more visit his website Larryvandeventer.com to learn about his first six books and newspaper columns, and Rambler1956.com to learn about the new book.

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