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Skunks are not our enemies

It is breeding season for skunks, which means they are on the move. They will be crossing roads. We are more likely to encounter them now.

Although most humans view skunks as a nuisance, they serve the beneficial purpose of controlling the mice and insect populations, both animals that destroy crops. Skunks are particularly efficient hunters because they are quick and are able to follow rodents into smaller spaces. The earliest legislation for the protection of skunks was passed in 1894 and grew out of appeals from ?hop? growers in New York. Skunks benefit people by eating mice, rats, roaches, yellow jackets, grubs, beetles and many other pests. Humans are responsible for about half of skunks? deaths each year. Spraying dogs, digging holes, and creating their homes under houses and porches cause skunks to seen as a nuisance. When skunks take part in these activities, wildlife control will resort to eliminating the skunks that are causing problems. Also, skunks have trouble seeing cars coming, due to their poor eyesight, which makes them easy targets for automobiles. Here is a recipe to eliminate skunk oder from anything: Put in a spray bottle, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap. It works on dogs and cats, people, it will clear the odor from a house, anything. I?ve used it, it works. Contrary to popular belief, tomato juice does not work. It was the acid in the tomatoes, years ago, that worked on skunk odor. Tomatoes no longer have the acid they once had.

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