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Crows and their habits

Crows are highly intelligent and social. They eat 40,000 grubs, caterpillars, army worms and other insects in one nesting season. That is a lot of insects many gardeners and farmers consider pests. They also transport and store seeds, thus contributing to forest renewal. And their habit of eating carrion makes them part of nature’s cleanup crew.

Keeping crows out of trash is easy: Consistently use intact and secure trash containers with tight-fitting lids. Trash bags or overfilled bins will attract crows, who easily open the bags to retrieve what they want. Crows visit trash by day. Trash that is scattered overnight is the work of others: dogs or raccoons, but may be unjustly blamed on the crows who the homeowner sees in the morning eating the leftovers after the real culprits are gone. No matter who gets in the trash, simply putting lids on is enough to keep out crows.

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