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SAWS begins 9th year of service in 2017

Need a handicap ramp? --Call SAWs 765- 653-5713.

2017 is the 9th year of the SAWs Mission of the Greencastle Presbyterian Church providing handicap ramps to the disabled in Putnam County. SAWs is the only organization in Putnam County that offers handicapped ramps to those that need improved access to their homes usually at NO COST. Since 2009 when the mission started SAWs has set 137 residents of Putnam County FREE to leave and enter their homes with little or NO HELP. Prior to the SAWs Mission many residents of Putnam County could not get out of their homes to go to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, or other commitments without the help of friends or emergency services because they were trapped in their homes.

Each year SAWs in Putnam County helps 20 to 25 residents with ramps, steps and safety rails. The work of the SAWs Mission is hard and it is expensive. The average ramps costs between $600.00 and $1500.00 depending on the size and complexity of the design. Based upon these figures it is apparent that the required budget to support the Mission is large. SAWs and the Greencastle Presbyterian Church cannot provide this funding alone. SAWs can only provide these ramps at no cost to qualified residents with grants and donations from the community and help from volunteers to do the work. As we have in the past 8 years SAWs is once again asking the Community for help in the way of monetary donations or volunteer labor so that the Mission can continue for another year. At a minimum we would like to ask for the community’s help in getting our message out. If you know of someone who is handicapped and needs help accessing their home, PLEASE LET THEM KNOW ABOUT SAWs.

The value of the SAWs Mission to the community can be readily seen in the expression of joy on the face of a handicapped resident who has just been freed from the entrapment of their home by a new ramp, steps or safety railings. If SAWs does not help the handicapped in Putnam County gain freedom from their homes – Who Will?

SAWs can be reached at 765-653-5713 or E-mail at churchoffice@cinergymetro.net. www.facebook.com/SAWSGreencastle

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