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2017 Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge

By Karen Phillips

What is Extreme Mustang Makeover challenges? They are competitions held to bring awareness to the plight of the mustang and to show their trainability. They take place at various locations around the country.

Typically an adult competitor is given a mustang that has been rounded up for adoption. They have 90 days to train for competition. The competition is a three day event and competitors are judged on the health and condition of the horse, as well as how well they work with their trainer plus how much they have learned.

Last fall we learned that alongside this competition is a youth makeover challenge for kids ages 8-18. The kids adopt a yearling mustang for the competition and are given 100 days to train. Judging is the same principal only all the work the kids do will be groundwork.

My son Ryan Phillips, from Bainbridge, is 14 years old and was accepted as a youth competitor to compete in the Kentucky competition in July. We picked up his mustang last weekend.

Also selected, was his friend, Leah Sallee from Fillmore. They are the only competitors from Indiana at this competition. We are just super proud and excited for both of these kids and want to bring some attention to this program and what these kids are doing.

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