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Have-A-Heart says thank you

HAVE-A-HEART, would like to say thank you to the community for making this years event, another great success. If it were not for the support and generosity of those in our community, the HAVE-A-HEART “Local Fund raiser”, would not be possible.

To the following, thank you for supporting this years event: (1)ALL of the vendors who rented booth space for the Craft/Health Fair. (2)ALL of those that had booth space and were there to educate the attendee’s on the importance of Heart Health. (3)ALL of the friends & businesses that donated items for the Silent Auction. (4)ALL of those businesses that donated gift cards & certificates to be used as door prize gifts. (5)ALL of those that made monetary donations. (6)ALL of those that made donations of food items. (7)ALL of those that participated in the “Poster Contest”. (8)ALL of those that assisted with the setup & tear-down for the event.

To the following, thank you for providing entertainment for this years event: (1)Tony Patrick & Taylor Strong, (2)Tara Gardner & the Performers of Dance Workshop, (3)Upward Journey, and (4)Jackie Gibson & Crew, you made this years event even more entertaining by displaying your GOD-GIVEN talents.

To the following “Local Businesses” & individuals, thank you for your generous donations of food items and involvement in this years event: (1)Myer’s Market, (2)Jackson’s Family Restaurant & Food Suppliers, and (3)Those individuals who made donations of additional food items.

To the following for making the “Donation Drawings” a huge portion of this years event possible: (1) Keith Berry Farms for donating the Market Hog & Wabash Clay Meats for donating the processing of the animal. (2)Jennifer Tait for providing the Hand-Crafted “Ripple Heart Design” Afghan. (3)ALL of those that purchased and/or sold tickets for these drawings.

To the following individuals that worked so hard and gave of their time & energy, for HAVE-A-HEART: (1)Anita McEnulty for being a part of HAVE-A-HEART and contacting those in our community to donate a silent auction items or make monetary donations & donate gift certificates & cards, following up and getting items collected, and selling Donation Drawing Tickets, and making possible the “Heart Healthy Recipe Books”, and everything else that you did for this years event. (2) Stephanie Jonte & Crew, for all of the hard work that you put in during this years event in the kitchen. The food was fantastic. (3)Trish VanHorn, Hannah Gilley & Darcy Stahl for being a part of this years event and look forward to each of you being on board for the event again next year. (4)Rachel Goss & Jennifer Tait, for being such a huge part of HAVE-A-HEART. (5)Lita Sandy for all of the support of fund raising in our community and helping with HAVE-A-HEART. (6)Julie Hoffa for making the kid’s crafts such a huge success and involving our young people in HAVE-A-HEART. (7)Greg Hedge for supporting our sound for the entire event, and supporting HAVE-A-HEART.

A heart-felt thank you goes out to my special friends in OUR community; “StatFlight”, thank you for displaying the Air Ambulance Helicopter and having members of the flight crew there to answer questions and provide tours. Thank you for your generosity to help in making HAVE-AHEART a successful local fundraiser. StatFlight is a huge asset to have in OUR community.

A huge thank you goes out to Alyssa Atwell, of Modern Woodmen for making possible the matching fund donation up to $2,500. HAVE-A-HEART is happy to announce that the total amount of the match was achieved and donated by Modern Woodmen, because of the generous giving of those in OUR community.

For all of the Friends of HAVE-a-HEART that attended this years “Local Fundraiser”, thank you for being a part of HAVE-AHEART. Your donations, friendship, love, generosity in giving, and support are greatly appreciated. Everyone that made monetary donations through the mail and deposits, your donations are appreciated. Be sure and watch for how your generosity is being used in OUR community.

HAVE-A-HEART will always be a family event, for the young and the young at heart, and it was once again nice to see the large number of little ones involved in the activities. If you were unable to attend or be a part of this years event, you might want to be watching for the date of next year’s HAVE-A-HEART “Local Fundraiser”.

Thank you again,

YOUR “Local Fundraiser” *HAVE-A-HEART*

Jeff Rich

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