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Animal emergency supply kit

Sometimes disasters happen, and you need to evacuate your home. If you have emergency supplies on hand for your dog and cat, you won’t be scrambling and panicking when a storm or other disaster is coming.

Here is a basic list of what you will need: You will need water and food for your human family members and also for the animals in your household. Have enough water for at least three days, but preferably for a week. That will help tide you over if a disaster prevents help from getting to you right away. You will need at least three to seven days worth of pet food, too. Food for dogs, cats and other animals expires, so keep an eye on the expiration dates and refresh the food supply when necessary.

Get a first aid kit geared specifically for dogs and cats. It is also good for every day emergencies that might strike your dog or cat.

Dogs and cats should wear ID tags at all times. You never know when they might slip outside, and a collar with an ID tag is its pass to get back home. Even if the animal has a microchip, rescuers will see an ID tag on a collar immediately.

Keep a leash and carrier handy in case you need to evacuate. A carrier is particularly useful because it allows you to carry the animal without a struggle and, if it’s large enough, you can use it for temporary housing.

Keep favorite toys or blanket nearby so you can bring it with you if you have to evacuate. Familiar items will help comfort your animal.

If you animal is on medication, make sure to keep enough on hand to tide you through a disaster. Store the medication in a waterproof bag so it doesn’t get ruined by a storm or flood.

Here are some helpful websites: helpinganimals.org, allcreatures.org

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