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Birdbath Maintenance

No one wants to drink dirty, polluted water, including birds. But clean water is more important than just for taste.

Dirty water can spread disease to flocks of backyard birds, encourage gnat, mosquito and other insect populations. Dirty water can have odors that may attract other pests. Algae and dirt can stain a bird bath so it can never be restored to its original beauty. The easiest way to clean a bird bath is to make sure it doesn’t get dirty. Clean it two or three times a week, depending on how many birds are using it. Dump out any old, stagnant water instead of just adding more to the basin. Rinse the bath briefly with a pressure hose at every refill to remove dirt and feces. Use a scrub brush and chlorine bleach to scrub and disinfect the bird bath. Choose a shady spot for the bath, to minimize algae growth and slow evaporation. Position the bath where it will not be clogged by grass clippings and falling leaves.

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