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New dog, new cat

When you bring a new animal into your home, and you already have resident animals, it is necessary to socialize them to the situation. You should avoid introducing dogs inside as the resident dog may be territorial. You need to create a safe space. For instance, have them both outside on neutral territory. Or, this may be a crate to run into. Or for any new cats, a dog-free zone secured by a baby gate. Keep your dog on a leash in the house so you can restrain him, or consider keeping him crated while the new cat explores. Most important, make sure they are supervised.

Some animals are more nervous about eating in front of another animal and may feel threatened, causing them to eat sporadically or not at all. Feed new animals using separate bowls in separate rooms until they are well adjusted. If you have a new cat, it is important that you make sure she is eating, as she may be more apt to hide

Until all your cats get along, keep litter boxes in different areas of the house. Offering several litterbox options curbs inappropriate urination in your home.

A good website to visit is: www.americanhumane.org/animals.

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