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Mike Rokicki Memorial 5K run/walk held July 4

Claudia Monnet, of Greencastle emerged as the overall 5K Run Women’s Champion with a time of 21:15. (Courtesy Photo Claudia Monnet, of Greencastle emerged as the overall 5K Run Women’s Champion with a time of 21:15. (Courtesy Photo In preparation of this year’s Celebrate “4” Independence Day Festival, all week long we kept an eye on the weather forecast which predicted nasty weather for Tuesday morning and then we woke to find that Mother Nature provided a decent morning for this year’s run. A little on the humid side, it still proved to be favorable running conditions for this year’s Mike Rokicki Memorial 5K Run/Walk.

Before we get started, we would like to thank Phyllis, Ryan and Gretyl Rokicki and the Rokicki Foundation, who again graciously sponsored this year’s 5K event in memory of Mike Rokicki, who served as a longtime city councilman and was a large supporter of the Greencastle Parks & Recreation Department. We would like extend a heartfelt “muchas gracias” to the DePauw University Servicio en las Americas students who helped manage our finish line; with another special thank you to both Cecilia Pohlar and Whitney Weinschenk who have manned our 1 and 2-mile water stops for 14 years straight.

Kiefer Vittetow, age 18 of Cloverdale, defended his title capturing the overall 5K Run Men’s Champion title with a time of 16:04. (Courtesy Photo) Kiefer Vittetow, age 18 of Cloverdale, defended his title capturing the overall 5K Run Men’s Champion title with a time of 16:04. (Courtesy Photo) Beginning and ending in Robe-Ann Park, this year’s event was the 26th Annual Castle Classic foot race organized by the Greencastle Parks & Recreation Department, which is the spark that ignites the annual Friends of the Park Association of Putnam County’s Celebrate “4” Independence Day Celebration. 95 runners and walkers took to the streets of Greencastle early Tuesday morning, July 4, along with another 14 participants who followed in the Annual Firecracker Fun Run.

The results are as follows: In the 5K race divisions, Kiefer Vittetow, age 18 from Cloverdale, Indiana, defended his title capturing the overall “5K Run Men’s Champion” title with a time of 16:04 dropping 24 seconds off of last year’s 16:28. In the women’s division of the 5K Run, Claudia Monnett from Greencastle emerged as this year’s overall “5K Run Women’s Champion” with a time of 21:15.

The “5K Walk Men’s Champion” title was awarded to 44 year old Chad Menke of Greencastle with a time of 39:46. Joanne Allee, 67 of Quincy, Indiana retained her title of the 5K Walk Women’s Division Champion with a time of 38:57.

Again, we would like to congratulate these “fleet-footed” individuals for a good show which kicked off Greencastle’s Annual Independence Day Celebration. Again, we would like to give a big “Thank You” to the family of Mike Rokicki and the Rokicki Foundation for their continued support of the 5K event. We would also like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of the participants and volunteers who played an important role in making this year’s 5K road run and Celebrate “4” Festival a success.

In closing, the Greencastle Parks & Recreation Department would like to extend an early invitation to everyone to mark your calendars for the 27th annual running of the Mike Rokicki Memorial 5K Road Run/Walk, which will be held on Wednesday morning, July 4, 2018.


Men’s 19 & Under

Overall 5K Men’s Winner: Keifer Vittetow, Cloverdale, 16:04

Jonah Sanders Greencastle, 20:57

Charlie Menzel Greencastle, 22:11

Matthew Goodpastor Fillmore, 22:16

Tyler Adams Greencastle, 23:50

Landen Clark Greencastle, 25:36

Evan Monnett Greencastle, 28:17

Wilson Hecko Greencastle, 28:53

Nathan Long Greencastle, 29:14

Nate Monnett Greencastle, 29:19

Leinitus Lennox Phoenix, AZ, 38:17

Dylan Favres

Phoenix, AZ, 38:20

Men’s 20-29

Klayton Vittetow

Lafayette, 21:05

Will Bond, Indianapolis, 21:14

Men’s 30-39

Josh Kolling, Greencastle, 37:50

Men’s 40-49

Drew Brattain Greencastle, 20:42

Brett Hecko, Seattle, WA, 22:25

Ben Irwin, Phoenix, AZ, 28:44

Justin Long, Greencastle, 29:13

Chris Skillern Coatesville, 38:03

Men’s 50-59

Andreas Maher Greencastle, 19:34

Gary Stevens Greencastle, 22:18

Jay Albright, Greencastle, 28:16

Jim Watt, Roachdale, 29:41

Toshiyuki Mozawa

Greencastle, 32:44

Chris Geering, St. Louis, MO, 32:52

Men’s 60 & Over

Jeff McCall, Greencastle, 23:06

John Fallis, Hagerstown, 23:30

John Mace, Fillmore, 26:31

Joe Leichty, Greencastle, 27:34

Ken Kirkpatrick Greencastle, 30:00

John Bean, Greencastle, 30:53

Keith Henderson, Coatesville, 44:28

Women’s 19& Under

Lilly Vittetow, Cloverdale, 24:13

Allysa Menke Greencastle, 26:03

Lily Monnett, Greencastle, 26:09

Martha Geering, St. Louis, MO, 32:45

Tera Amis, Greencastle, 34:31

Barret Irwin, Phoenix, AZ, 39:03

Siddha Lennox, Phoenix, AZ, 39:03

Caitlyn Anderson, Greencastle, 41:39

Women’s 20-29

Overall 5K Women’s Winner: Claudia Monnett, Greencastle 21:15

Lexi Hardey, Greencastle, 41:38

Women’s 30-39

Courtney Kwon, Andover, MA, 22:44

Amber Hecko, Greencastle, 24:24

Molly Irwin, Los Angeles, CA, 29:29

Sara Romalia, Greencastle, 37:33

Renee Kolling, Greencastle, 37:43

Yolanda Goodpastor Fillmore, 37:45

Women’s 40-49

Rebecka Howard, Greencastle, 25:42

Jane Best, Greencastle, 26:43

Janet Vaglia, Greencastle, 27:35

Cindy White, Greencastle, 30:32

Annie Weltz, Greencastle, 30:33

Windy Watt, Roachdale, 33:40

Amy Clark, Greencastle, 34:31

Megan Irwin, Phoenix, AZ, 39:03

Women’s 50-59

Julianne Rainbolt, St. Louis, MO, 24:04

Karen Singson, Greencastle, 26:21

Carla Yerkes, Crawfordsville, 29:01

Anna Kirkpatrick, Greencastle, 29:20

Tami VanRensselaer, Fillmore, 35:58

Women’s 60 +

Holly Pritchett, Reelville, 27:55

Susan Stewart, Cloverdale, 44:18


Men’s 19 & Under

Gareth Geering, St. Louis, MO, 48:15

Men’s 20-29

David Dildine, Indianapolis, 57:24

Men’s 30-39

Matt Romalia, Greencastle, 43:34

Men’s 40-49

Overall Men’s Walk Winner: Chad Menke, Greencastle, 39:46

Casey Renick, Greencastle, 45:31

Kenny Dunfee, Greencastle, 46:14

Russ Evans, Jr., Greencastle, 48:45

Mike Chadd, Greencastle, 54:40

Men’s 50-59

Guy Tincher, Rockville, 40:34

Gary Bowser, Greencastle, 42:38

Bob Campbell, Greencastle, 57:23

Men’s 60 & Over

Russell Evans, Greencastle, 42:50

Lee Stewart, Cloverdale, 44:40

Women’s 19 & Under

Nia Stewart, Indianapolis, 39:32

Isbel Monnett, Greencastle, 52:51

Emma Bodnarick, Greencastle, 52:52

Chloe Bodnarick, Greencastle, 53:00

Women’s 30-39

Elizabeth Adams, Greencastle, 51:08

Women’s 40-49

Jodi Menke, Greencastle, 39:46

Jennifer Dunfee, Greencastle, 46;14

Michelle Skillern, Coatesville, 48:25

Brandy Starks, Fillmore, 50:21

Amy Kies, Fillmore, 50:22

Kelly Jo Monnett, Greencastle, 52:44

Lisa Chadd, Greencastle, 54:34

Marcy Campbell, Greencastle, 57:44

Women’s 50 – 59

Carol Smith, Fillmore, 41:27

Ginger Bodnarick, Greencastle, 52:43

Women’s 60 & over

Overall 5K Women’s Winner: Joanne Allee, Quincy, 38:57

Trudy Goodpastor, Fillmore, 43:30

Mary Reed, Cloverdale, dnf.

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