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A snake? Who cares about a snake

Most often snakes are thought of as ugly, slimy and dangerous animals, but believe it or not, snakes are more scared of you than you are of them. People most often get bitten when they are trying to catch a snake or kill them (or the snakes thinks they are).

Leave them alone. You are bigger than they are, and they think you want to eat them. They will defend themselves, and they can’t just tell you to go away. Just back up and let them go their way. You can end the day with a story to tell, and the snake can live to do its job.

Snakes help control the smaller members of the animal kingdom from becoming over populated. Farmers save at least seventy-five dollars a year because of snakes protecting their farm products from pesky rodents.

Snakes have a tendency to seek warmth. Stretching out on the paved roads is one way they do this. Please don’t run over them. You can get out, move them to the side of the road. Use a stick to move them if you are too afraid to touch them.

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