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Toenail clipping for dogs

If your dog does not have hard surfaces to run on that will grind down the nails, it is a good idea to have his or her nails trimmed about twice a month.

It is important to keep them trimmed because they are harder to trim safely if they grow too long, and also because they can split and crack, causing pain for your dog.

Sometimes they grow back into the skin, and the only way to fix that is to take your dog to the veterinarian. Even though there are many devices on the market to make it easier to trim your dog’s toenails at home, it is always safer to have a professional dog groomer do it, because they have the training, and know how to avoid hurting your dog. Also the veterinarian is a safe place to have it done.

It is not easy to see the area that is safe to cut, especially if your dog has dark claws. Inside every claw is the quick, the part of the claw that has nerves and supplies blood to the claw. If you cut this part, it will hurt your dog and make him or her bleed. Also dogs do not really like to hold still, especially for baths or to get their toenails clipped.

A good website to checkout: PetSmart.com/ grooming.

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