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World’s first Bluetooth hearing aids that connect to virtually any cell phone or TV

Alisa Calhoun, BC-HIS at Hearing Care Professionals in Crawfordsville & Greencastle was recently invited to a hearing aid conference in Chicago to learn more about a brand new hearing aid technology sure to help many hearing aid users.

The revolutionary Phonak Audéo B-Direct hearing aids contain highly advanced Bluetooth technology that directly connects to popular smartphones like the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy as well as classic flip phones that are Bluetooth-ready. In addition to a hands-free phone experience, Audéo B-Direct wearers can also enjoy surround sound quality TV audio streamed directly into their ears with no delay.

“Being invited to Chicago to learn first-hand what this technology can do was a real honor,” stated Calhoun. “It really helps me to help my patients. And they are going to love what this this technology can do for them!”

Hearing Care Professionals is proud to be among the first to now offer the world’s first Bluetooth hearing aids that wirelessly connect to virtually any mobile phone or TV with no additional body-worn accessory required.

“We are thrilled to be among the first practices to now offer to the general public all the benefits of hands-free phone calls and surround sound-quality TV streaming along with trusted Phonak hearing technology,” said Todd Oney, owner of HCP. “In the past, hearing aids could only connect to one model of smartphone. This is a giant leap forward in technology that’s truly “made for all” regardless of your phone’s make, model or operating system. “This greatly increases ease-of-use so we encourage anyone who has been considering hearing aids to come in and give them a try.”

Truly hands-free calls

The Phonak Audéo B-Direct hearing aids are the world’s first hearing devices that allow users to answer an incoming phone call with a simple tap of the hearing aid. Conversations are instantly streamed through the hearing aids, even if the mobile phone is in a pocket, purse, or several feet away, for example in a car or at home on a counter. Thanks to advanced microphone technology, the hearing aid wearer’s voice is transmitted through the hearing aids to the other caller, allowing safe, hassle-free phone conversations.

Hearing aids that turn into wireless TV headphones

Using a small TV Transmitter, people who wear the Phonak Audéo B-Direct hearing technology can also have surround sound quality TV audio streamed directly into both ears. Test users have reported a significant increase in the ability to understand dialogue, better enjoy music programs, and the ability to listen at a much lower TV volume that does not disturb others. When watching TV, this technology turns the hearing aids into a set of personal headphones.

Trusted Phonak technology

The Phonak Audéo-B Direct hearing aids build upon the latest Phonak technology that allows hearing aid wearers to hear and understand better in noisy situations like restaurants, large groups, or in the car. In addition to all the direct-streaming capabilities, the Audéo B-Direct hearing devices automatically adapt to changing environments on-the-go, eliminating manual adjustments. The hearing aids are worn behind the ear and are so small that they are barely visible— perfect for first time hearing aid wearers or experienced users looking to upgrade.

The Phonak Audéo B-Direct hearing aid is now available at Hearing Care Professionals in Crawfordsville, Greencastle, Lafayette, Monticello and Frankfort. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, visit www.accuratehearing.net. For general information about the revolutionary Audéo B-Direct solution, visit www.phonak.com.

Hearing Care Professionals offers a variety of hearing aid solutions, free hearing evaluations and a 14-day trial period for all hearing aids. Partnered with Elite Hearing Network, the company provides hearing aids from many different manufacturers and services and honors warranties for most any other brand of hearing aids. Hearing Care Professionals has offices in Crawfordsville, Greencastle, Frankfort, Lafayette, and Monticello and the Elite Hearing Network offers 1600 locations nationwide.

For more information or to arrange an interview, visit www.accuratehearing.net. Hear Well. Live Well.

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