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Do not dump animals

People take animals to animal shelters all the time, and say they live in the country and someone dumped this animal at their place. Some people rationalize dumping domestic animals in the country by saying, “They are cute, someone will want them.” That seldom happens.

People that live in the country may already have their own animals to care for.

Animals which have been domestic all their lives have no idea how to find food. They often starve to death. When some dogs get hungry, but have nothing to eat, may go after livestock and get shot by farmers. It is hard to blame the farmers, they are just protecting their own animals.

Many animals end up dead in the road. They don’t understand traffic.

Many animals will wait where they were dumped, waiting for the person that dumped them to come back. I have seen it happen, sometimes for years.

Please find a new home for them, or take them to the shelter yourself.

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