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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The members of the Cataract Lake Area Crime Watch wish to publicly thank the following groups and individuals who made our 8th annual fish fry a huge success: Michelle Roy, owner of the Cataract School House; Endeavor Communications and its employees; Owen County Sheriff’s Department; Spencer Evening World; The Hoosier Topics; WCLS; The Banner Graphic; and the volunteers of the Cataract Lake Area Crime Watch.

Thanks to all of the citizens from Owen and surrounding counties for coming out and sharing a meal with us during the Cataract VFD Bean Festival.

The money earned during the weekend will go a long way to help us keep our neighborhoods safer and will also assist our hardworking law enforcement officers in their endeavors.

Thank you and see you next year.

Kenny Short, President
Ernie Dufault, Vice President
Sherri Short, Secretary
Don VanDerMoere II, Treasurer

Hey you guys remember all the stuff we did to help the WWII effort, like planting victory gardens and buying ration stamps and taking money to school to buy victory bonds? My uncle Pete served in WWI. He was a hero, when he died at the age of 73.

Our family stood at the graveside, while they played the mournful “Taps” and then put a folded American flag in my aunt Faye’s arms. I wonder how many of these people who are kneeling during our national anthem ever stood by the grave of a loved one and heard “Taps” and received a flag? Not many, I’ll wager, otherwise, they surely wouldn’t be showing such blatant disrespect for the men who died for the countless freedoms our country is blessed with.

I have been called a bleeding heart liberal, and that’s OK. Some hearts should bleed for the brave men and women who have died protecting all the rights we enjoy today. I’m aware of the freedom of speech and am grateful for it; however, when your speech voices disloyalty, disdain and contempt for the honor of our country, then it’s time for them to keep their mouths shut.

We need to tell the people who kneel during our national anthem, they should instead be kneeling in thankful prayer and if that sounds self righteous, so be it... It is righteous!

God bless us everyone,

Sharon Sheridan
Age 82, Asbury Towers

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