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Halloween safety for animals

Halloween is a fun celebration for children, but companion animals do not understand the sudden commotion and strange looking people in and around their normally quiet house.

Take precautions to ensure that they are not harmed or frightened. Dogs and cats should be kept inside a house. They will feel more secure when put in a cozy room, away from the constant ringing of the doorbell.

Dogs, especially, may become overly frightened or aggressive with too many little visitors in strange attire. A normally friendly, docile dog may jump up on a small child and knock them down, or worse yet, bite someone who spooks him. If your dog is not kept away from the door for some reason, then be sure to caution trick-or-treaters about approaching him.

If you have an outdoor dog or cat, be sure to bring them in for the entire night on Halloween. Pranksters often like to pick on easy targets, and your animal friend might become a victim.

Cruel people sometimes choose Halloween to harm innocent animals who are not protected. If you have a black cat, be extra careful. The mythology about black cats being related to witches can lead people to harm them.

Animals can bolt away when frightened by a loud noise, such a firecrackers, thunder, gun shot, truck or car noises or construction noises, so keep your dog or cat on a leash when walking at all times of the year.

When it may seem like fun to dress up your companion animal and take them trick-or-treating, it is best to leave the pet at home. While your dog may be very good with everyone, there are dogs out there roaming around or at front doors that could harm your dog or child.

With little hands occupied with a bag, a frightened dog may easily yank his leash free and escape or pull your child down.

Once children are safely home from trick or treating, remind them that they should not share their candy with their four legged friends. Chocolate contains theobromine that can make the animal sick. In large amounts it can even cause death.

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