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Socializing your dog

By exposing our dogs to different kinds of people, animals and environments we can help them develop confidence and ease in a social situation.

Dogs have a sensitive period for socialization between the ages of three and 12 weeks. This means that pleasant exposures to people, other dogs and other animals during this time will have a long-lasting influence on the sociability of your dog.

Veterinarians and dog trainers urge you to take your dog to puppy classes and provide other social experiences. Puppy classes by four months of age or basic training at six months should not be the end of a dog’s social training.

Don’t underestimate how important it is to continue to socialize your dog well into adulthood.

Dogs have been known to become fearful and/or aggressive around eight months to two years of age if there is a change in the frequency of their social contacts.

Activities might include taking your dog out frequently to meet other people. Regular play dates with other dogs and/or trips to the park can help continue socialization.

So remember, that your work isn’t done once you’ve done all the right socialization activities during puppy hood. Dogs need continued socialization throughout their lives.

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