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What is a Puppy Mill?

Simply put, a puppy mill is a large scale commercial breeding operation where profit is given a higher priority than the well being of the dogs and puppies.

At many puppy mills, sanitation is appalling. Illness, disease and lack of socialization with humans and other animals are common among puppy mill dogs.

A general lack of veterinary care leaves dogs to suffer, and indiscriminate breeding results in hereditary diseases in puppies.

Puppies as young as eight weeks are sold through pet shops.

Conditions at some puppy mills can be devastating, particularly for breeding mothers. Cramped cages are stacked on top of each other. The floors are usually wire, so urine and feces fall onto the dogs below, even if there are partitions.

The breeding mothers never leave their cages, they spend their entire lives inside, and they seldom see the light of day. They are undernourished or even emaciated.

A lack of grooming leads to overgrown toenails and severely matted fur. The breeding females are bred every heat cycle. When they can no longer reproduce, they are typically drowned or shot.

This information is important for people to know so that they do not buy a dog from a pet shop or over the internet. By doing so, you probably are perpetuating this horrible practice.

Check your local shelter first. If you can’t find the dog you want, try a rescue group.

If you are still unsuccessful, learn to recognize a responsible breeder. Get the complete facts at www.aspca.org/ puppymills.

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