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Holiday hazards

The holidays are times spent with family and friends. Other members of the family need a little special consideration that might be overlooked this busy time of the year.

Remember to keep companion animals away from mistletoe, holly or poinsettia plants. All of these are poisonous. Make sure that your tree is steady and secure and cannot be knocked over. If you have anything other than plain water in the tree stand, then cover it so that your dog or cat cannot drink from it.

Don’t let your four-legged pals chew on tinsel, string, ribbon or angel hair or any Christmas products. All of the above can cause choking, or, if swallowed, intestinal blockage.

Also, be aware that sharp pine needles, bits of broken ornaments and ornament hooks can cause intestinal as well as external injuries.

If you have guests, post a sign on both sides of your door so that everyone is careful to close it securely. A dog or cat can easily slip out and not be missed in the confusion. Also, guests should never let an animal out the door without permission. This is one more reason why the animals should be micro-chipped for easy identification.

You might even consider keeping them in a quiet room during the festivities. That way you won’t have to worry about the animal slipping out or being frightened by the noise and commotion.

A wonderful group that cares about animals is just a website away. www.friendsofanimals.org. Check them out! You can also look up animals ethics quotes at: www.buzzle.com/articles/animal-abuse-quotes.html.

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