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Food inspection report released

The Putnam County Health Department and Indiana State Department of Health is authorized by law to ensure that foods are safe, wholesome and sanitary; regulated products are honestly and accurately represented; and, these products along with food establishments permitted in Putnam County are in compliance with the county and state laws and regulations.

Inspections are done following ordinance, 2005-4-4-2 Retail Food Establishment & Bed and Breakfast Establishment Ordinance, and state rule, 410-IAC 7-24 Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements. These laws and regulations are designed to provide a more comprehensive approach to protecting the customer from contaminated food and food borne illness.

Anthony’s Pizzeria, Coatesville, Dec. 7, one critical, one noncritical. No date marking on sausage, sliced cheese, sliced ham or lasagna; air gap in bottom of door in front and in corner of back door.

Arby’s #7114, Dec. 19, follow up for Oct. 23. inspection - Sections 409 and 431 not corrected, requesting more time.

Arby’s #7137, Dec. 15, cleared to open.

Bainbridge Tap, Dec. 7, three critical, three noncritical. Improper date marking on cheese fish and pork in coolers and freezers; cottage cheese, pork and cheese slices all held at 44 degrees in walk-in, should be at 41 degrees or below; ice baffle on ice machine is not clean to sight and touch; no thermometer in prep fridge also needs to replace thermometer in walk-in cooler; not thawing chicken properly; mops were not hanging up to dry.

Bridges Craft Pizza and Wine Bar, Dec. 7, four noncritical. Hand washing sink not used properly in bar area; not wearing hair restraint when cooking food; clean dishes were being dried off should be left to air dry; test strips not available for sanitizer.

Buffalo Wild Wings, Dec. 19 follow-up for Nov. 8 inspection - violation corrected.

Casey’s General Store # 3007, Dec. 21, one noncritical. Thermometers not provided for coolers under sub line and pizza station.

Cloverdale Travel Plaza Dec. 20, follow-up for Nov. 21 inspection - Sections 191, 438, 342, 295, 138 were all corrected.

Dollar General Store # 12179 Dec. 7, three noncritical. No lid on womens trash can; air gap in back stock room door; no thermometers in freezers or back cooler.

Downtown Marathon Dec. 13, six noncritical. No thermometer in freezer for ice cream; bleach is being stored with drinks in back stock room; fans in cooler are covered in dust accumulation; no test strips available for sanitizer; mops not hung up to dry; general cleaning needs to be done throughout establishment on floors and walk-in cooler area.

Great China Buffet Dec. 19, follow-up for Nov. 2 inspection - Sections 191, 439, 295, and 256 corrected.

Hader’s Bar & Grill Dec. 21, follow-up from Nov. 9, all violations corrected.

Hickory Valley Farms Dec. 21, no violations.

International Automotive Company Dec. 19, follow-up for Nov. 28 inspection - all items corrected.

Jackson Family Restaurant Dec. 20, six critical, six noncritical and five repeat. Person in charge wasn’t able to answer questions on thawing, cooling and illness procedures; the food in the warmer was being held at 130 degrees, should be at 135 degrees or above; date marking was not done on raw meats, sliced cheese and chicken salad; spray bottle with chemical was not labeled in back stock area; rodent traps must be covered in the establishment; ice machine baffle and drink nozzles were not clean to sight and touch; thermometers for equipment are not measuring temperatures accurately; air gap in back delivery door, along bottom and side of door; uncovered foods in walk-in cooler and freezer in kitchen, should be covered; ice build up along door flaps, side of door and on floor in walk-in freezer; lids on dumpster were not down and tight fitting; general cleaning needs to be done in kitchen under fryers and on floor, in the dishwashing room on ceiling and throughout establishment.

Jackson Street Marathon Dec. 29, two critical, seven non-critical. Sandwiches in cooler were past the expiration date; they were thrown out; ice baffle was not clean to sight and touch; returnable merchandise to vendors must be in a segregated area; no thermometer in sandwich cooler, milk cooler and freezer in back; freezer needs to be maintained to keep the build up of ice off of the shelving and walls; no test strips to show concentration of sanitizer; vents and intakes have a build up of dirt and dust on them; ceiling tiles missing in the stock room and women’s bathroom; they must be replaced; general cleaning of floors in the walk-in cooler, behind equipment and in cabinets in establishment.

Jimmy Johns Dec. 18, two noncritical. No label on the bulk container holding sugar; lid on trash dumpster outside was off, should be down on top of dumpster.

Lou’s Diner Dec. 1, three critical, three noncritical, one repeat. Gravy cooling at 90 degrees for over 2 hours, should be at 70 degrees within two hours; improper date marking on pulled pork in the walk-in cooler; drink nozzles and ice baffle not clean to sight and touch; no thermometer for walk-in freezer; improper cooling methods for foods that are being repurposed; mops are not being hung up to dry when not in use.

Lou’s Diner Dec. 20, follow-up for Dec. 1 inspection - Section 295 and 256 were corrected.

Loyal Order of Moose #1592 Dec. 7, three critical, five noncritical. Did not wash hand when changing tasks; no date marking on cheese slices that had been pre-cut; ice baffle was not clean to sight or touch for bar and kitchen use; food thermometer was broken and couldn-t test temperatures; no hair restraints were being worn while cooking food; no test strips for sanitizer in kitchen or bar; mops are not being hung up to dry; hole in base of wall in kitchen needs to be a smooth and cleanable surface.

Machetes Dec. 7, follow-up for Oct. 31 inspection - all violations corrected.

Marathon #211 Dec. 1, four noncritical. Air gap in front doors of establishment; single use items stored under drink lines; no test strips are being used for sanitizing food contact surfaces; mops are not being hung up to dry.

McPhersons Market Dec. 7, follow-up for Sept. 26 inspection - all violations are corrected.

Monical’s Pizza Dec. 29, two critical, one noncritical. Date marking needs to be done on all potentially hazardous products when held over 24 hours; nozzles on drink machine not clean to sight and touch; mops not being hung up when not in use.

Putnam Petroleum Dec. 20, one critical. Follow up - lunch meat and hotdogs in cooler past sell by date.

Red Roof Liquor Dec. 13, two critical, two noncritical, two repeat. No date marking on chicken in freezer or cheese slices in fridge; consumer advisory not on menu for establishment; no thermometers in freezers or small fridge in bar area; mops are not hung up to dry.

Schwans Home Service, Inc. Dec. 5, no violations.

Subway #1143 Dec. 19 follow-up to Nov. 27 inspection - all violations corrected.

US Petro Inc. - Green Mart Dec. 19 follow-up for Nov. 7 inspection - all violations have been corrected.

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