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Confined animal feeding

Dear Editor,

Thank you for printing my letter concerning Regulation of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (Senate Bill 316/House Bill 1369) which, unfortunately, did not receive Hearings. (“…..At Statehouse, environmental concerns can’t get a hearing.” (http:// indy.st/2GfRRSt)

Hoosier Environmental Council’s attorney Kim Ferraro, describes HB1369 as “a first-ever, comprehensive and bipartisan bill” giving Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) ability “to protect our air, waterways and communities from factory farm pollution” affecting “hundreds of citizens” whose “quality of life and property values have plummeted due to uncontrolled air pollution, inadequately controlled water pollution, and irresponsible siting of factory farms.” (www.hecweb.org)

Chairman Wolkins claims he will work with HEC to address current law inadequacies including: Strengthening protections for public places; Imposing air emission limits; Protecting surface, groundwater, flood plains and karst terrain; and giving IDEM authority to deny CAFO permits.

Engaging civic, business leaders and local elected officials is essential if we are to secure meaningful change. Like Representative Wolkins, most are “on the side of CAFOs,” refusing to acknowledge the massive externalized cost animal agriculture imposes on consumers, taxpayers, workers, farmers, animals treated as commodities, and the planet.

“For every dollar in retail sales of meat, fish, eggs, or dairy the animal food industry imposes $1.70 of external costs on society due to higher taxes, health insurance premiums and decreases in value of homes and natural resources by factory farming.” In fact, animal agriculture “wins hands down, as the US industry that imposes the highest economic costs on society across the board.” (MEATONOMICS/David Robinson Simon/2013)

This is NOT “affordably” feeding the world! Harm is being done. (HaveWeBeenLiedTo.com)

The best, most simple, enjoyable, way to make a difference is adopting a Vegan lifestyle. (howdoigovegan.com)

Examine your conscience! I would be ashamed to visit even the most “efficient” CAFO with Jesus! May God have mercy on us for perpetuating unnecessary suffering and death!

Marian Patience Harvey
Roachdale, Ind.

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