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January Putnam County food inspection report

The Putnam County Health Department and Indiana State Department of Health is authorized by law to ensure that foods are safe, wholesome and sanitary; regulated products are honestly and accurately represented; and, these products along with food establishments permitted in Putnam County are in compliance with the county and state laws and regulations.

Inspections are done following ordinance, 2005-4-4-2 Retail Food Establishment & Bed and Breakfast Establishment Ordinance, and state rule, 410-IAC 7-24 Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements. These laws and regulations are designed to provide a more comprehensive approach to protecting the customer from contaminated food and food borne illness.

Bainbridge Tap, Jan. 19, follow-up to Dec. 7 inspection. Sec. 191 not corrected, all other violations corrected.

C Bar C Expo Center, Jan. 20, two critical, five noncritical, one repeat. Food in freezer was not properly labeled; cheese sauce in dispenser at 125 degrees, should be at 135 degrees; no thermometer to check internal temperature; season in container not labeled from original container; no hair restraints were being worn by the employees on the grill; air gap in back stock room door that exits outside; ice scoop was placed down inside the ice with the handle in the ice.

Casey’s General Store # 2823, Jan. 18, follow-up from Nov. 9. All violations corrected.

Downtown Marathon, Jan. 16, follow-up for Dec. 13 inspection. Section 291 and 431 not corrected, everything else has been corrected.

Great China Buffet, Jan. 29, seven critical, three noncritical, four repeat. Thailand chicken at 131 degrees, egg rolls at 132 degrees on buffet line should be at 135 degrees; cooked chicken breast, egg rolls were not date marked in walk-in cooler; no sanitizer for the dish machine, will use three-bay sink to wash equipment and utensils; dishes used throughout kitchen were not sanitized before use; prep table contains holes that are not sealed properly, will need to fill holes in so food can not get down into them; slicer in the kitchen was not clean to sight or touch; paint was stored above food items in back stock room; no thermometer to take internal temperatures of foods; floors, walls and ceiling need general cleaning in back kitchen; under the fryers has whole pieces of foods not picked up; test strips were not supplied for sanitizer.

Greencastle Mini Mart, Jan. 30, five critical, eight noncritical, one repeat. Person in charge could not answer questions that related to symptoms of illnesses not allowed around food preparation; hands were not washed in between taking money and preparing food; cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese slices were kept over the allowable seven day date mark; cheese slices were thrown out because of them being over the allowable seven day date mark; ice machine baffle was not clean to sight and touch; no paper towels available for drying hands at hand washing sink; no thermometers to take temperatures for freezer units; employee not wearing hair restraint when working with food; freezer seal is broken, not allowed to properly shut; in back supply room and prewashing room, the rafters and studs are exposed to all equipment; M&M’s box and stand has been set directly on the floor; cleaning needs to be done in cabinets and in and around food equipment; air gap in back loading door, along the top and four holes that are not filled in from a removed mechanism.

Hatchet House BBQ-mobile, Jan. 20, three critical, one noncritical. Cheese, pork, brisket was probed below 135 degrees, should be 135 degrees or above when hot holding items; no sanitizer available to clean equipment and utensils; no hot water available to wash hands; no test strips available for sanitizer.

Jackson Family Restaurant, Jan. 17 follow-up to Dec. 20 inspection, Section 438, 449, 256, 218 are corrected. Remaining violations not corrected.

Katie’s Concession, Jan. 20, one critical, one noncritical. Sanitizer concentration was not strong enough; personal food was being stored with food for service at event.

KBL & Co., Jan. 20, one noncritical. No hair restraints worn by employees prepping food.

Kona Ice of Bloomington, Jan. 20, one noncritical. Operating without a valid permit.

Kountry Time Foods, one critical, one noncritical. Did not wash hands in between tasks; hats were not being worn when preparing foods.

Larry Wyndham, Jan. 20, five critical. Employee did not wash hand in between tasks; employee used their bare hands to touch food after handling money; did not reheat their cheese properly for use; cheese was at 102 degrees should be hot holding at 135 degrees; clear spray bottle was not labeled with what was inside.

Loyal Order of Moose #1592, Jan. 18, follow-up for inspection Dec. 7. All items corrected except for Section 433.

Marathon #211, Jan. 26, follow-up for Dec. 1 inspection. All items corrected except for Section 291, incorrect strips purchased.

Randall’s Pizza Niche, Jan. 18, three noncritical. Mop was not hanging up to dry; ceiling tiles missing and water damaged tiles need to be replaced; hole in wall under sink needs to be patched and closed up.

Red Roof Liquor, Jan. 16, follow-up for Dec. 13 inspection. Section 191 not corrected, all other violations have been corrected.

Roadhouse, Jan. 20, two critical, two noncritical. Sanitizer concentration was to weak; no hot water to wash hands properly; thermometer broken for inside freezer, needs to replace; juice in fridge not labeled from original container.

SW Concession, Jan. 20, one critical. Container of raw meat was placed in cooler on top of other foods and was leaking on other packages and food.

The Fairway Family Restaurant, Jan. 4, five critical, six noncritical, one repeat. Cook touched ready-to-eat toast with bare hands and served to customer; ice machine drain hose was running into the handwashing sink in the back of establishment; proper reheating procedures were not being followed when reheating mashed potatoes for consumption; chopped steak and chicken salad were held past the seven days allowable for consumption; also sliced cheese was not properly date marked when packaged; sanitizer in the server station was too weak; no thermometers for some of the equipment in the establishment; no thermometers available to take internal temperatures of food; bulk food containers not labeled with what is inside; air gap in back door of establishment, the seal needs to be replaced; no hair restraint was worn when cooking food; lids not on trash can in employee bathroom or in women’s bathroom.

The Pizza Diva, LLC, Jan. 20, no violations.

Ye Ole Inn, Jan. 18, three critical, five noncritical. Sausage, green chili peppers, and cheese not properly date marked; toxic chemicals in spray bottles not labeled, behind bar and in back stock room; ice baffle in ice machine was not clean to sight and touch; no disposable towels available for hand washing station; no thermometers in equipment to measure temperature of potentially hazardous foods; air gap in front door along side and bottom, back door along the bottom of door; no test strips available to test sanitizer concentration; mop was not being hung up to dry when not in use.

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