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Neutering and spaying

Canine and feline population control is a concern for everyone. The benefits of neutering are the prevention of unwanted litters, overpopulation and the prevention of dumping of unwanted litters of puppies, kittens, cats and dogs. All of these things end in the unwanted animal either dying from neglect or injury or in pounds and shelters.

Many of these animals do not ever get adopted from the pounds and shelters. They end up being put to sleep.

For low cost spay and neuter options, call clinics like S.P.O.T in Cloverdale.

This sad waste of a healthy life can be reduced by not letting dogs breed indiscriminately. And the way to prevent this is through neutering. Males must be neutered, females must be spayed.

Dog and cat breeding is not merely the production of puppies and kittens. It is the transferral of genes and genetic traits from one generation to the next, in a breed population.

Neutering prevents dogs from contracting a range of diseases and disorders.

Neutering also reduces the males drive to roam and to be aggressive, and deters male cats from spraying.

Females are less likely to have breast cancer when they are spayed.

For more information go to : www.aspca.org or humanesociety.org.

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