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Bright ideas from Putnam’s future philanthropists

Recently, the Putnam County Community Foundation enjoyed meeting future philanthropists of the county at the annual Ag Day festivities. Children were asked, “If you had a million dollars, what would you do to make the world a better place or, if you had a superpower, what would it be and how would you use it to help people?”

Here are some of their answers:

• I would buy dairy farms so people can have milk.

• I would buy 50 John Deere tractors for people.

• I would buy everyone an animal.

• I would buy a school.

• I would buy a llama farm.

• I would help save animals.

• I would plant trees, not put so many chemicals in the air, and buy more animals for people.

• I would buy people food.

• I would buy people clothes.

• I would buy them stuff from the store.

• I would buy candy for everyone.

• I would buy a house for people to live in.

• I would pay mom and dad’s bills.

• I would give the money to charity.

• I would build houses for everyone.

• I would give the money to people who need it.

• I would buy more cows because milk helps your body get stronger.

• I would fly and save people from burning buildings.

• I would blow fire to help people be safe and feel better.

• I would have flower power so I could make flowers for everyone.

• I would make sure fewer bees are killed.

• I would fly and put out fires.

• I would be invisible to stop people from walking into the street.

• I would have strength so I could protect people from bad people.

• I would turn on and off rock power to help people.

• I would have ice powers so if there was a hurricane in Florida I could freeze it.

• I would save people and animals with my powers.

The Putnam County Community Foundation is a nonprofit public charity established in 1985 to serve donors, award grants, and provide leadership, enriching the quality of life and strengthening community in Putnam County forever. To discuss ways you might make the world a better place, contact Elaine Peck, Executive Director, 765-653-4978 or epeck@pcfoundation.org.

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