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Happy cat

Cats are much safer when kept indoors. To litter train an outdoor cat, keep the cat in a closed room with a litter box, for a few days, with food and water.

Many cats do not like a covered litter box. It may feel too containing. When you are sure the cat understands how to use the box, then leave the door to the room open.

Position your cats to be near a source of warmth, near a sunny window or by the fireplace or next to a heat vent. If you or someone you know could put a shelf on a window sill, with soft padding added.

Cats love to look out windows, and snooze there, too. Or grab a comforter and spend some time with your snoozing friend while you pamper yourself with quiet time as well.

Cats fare best when real meat tips the list of ingredients in his or her food bowl. You can spice up commercial dry food by adding a splash of tuna juice or salt-free chicken broth to the bowl.

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